Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yeah, you heard me...

...I said "Cowgirl up".

This is an odds and ends post.

First of all, I would like to say that I cowgirled up and went to the gym to lift weights on a Friday night. Yeah, that's right... happy weekend to me.

Also, if you haven't been to TriBoomer's blog lately, you should definitely scurry on over and watch his year in review video. I loved the music and his post was very touching. Check it out!

Now for last years numbers (not that you all care but it is nice for me to see it in writing):

101 Swims: 266885.0 Yd (151.6 miles)
54 Bikes: 1022.2 miles *
187 Runs: 646.5 miles
Lifting Weights: 92 times

* Pitiful. I am aware. Goals to follow.

These numbers are all without the entire month of January 2007, not sure where the data went although I think I have it written down somewhere!

Seems to me that it may be time to set some goals and start thinking about the 2008 season! Yay!


moonpie said...

Not too shabby! You CRUSHED me on the swims for the year!!! Well done!

triguyjt said... did you see some serious chlorine this year. good job on the swims and on all the training...
have a great 08

Anonymous said...
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