Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sometimes you just gotta slow down...

...and hang out with a buddy! Time for a group run.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bike Fit

So, I had a bike fit on Tuesday after work. It was a lengthy process but I could have stayed in the bike shop all afternoon. Oh wait... I did. The gal who did the fit for me was super great. She has all sorts of fit school certifications and is a triathlete herself. Sparing you all the numerous details, the trouble I ran into was that I am short (5'3"ish) and have disproportionally long arm and legs and a short torso. Now, you may think that this would correspond into increased power and therefore speed on the bike with decreased wind resistance, however, all it proved to be was a nuisance. To get into a moderately aggressive aero position with my shoulders at 90º where they are comfortable meant I was cracking my elbows with my knees. I will have to sacrifice some of knee over pedal spindle in order for the aero position to be alright. I am currently riding on a 54 cm Specialized road bike and was fit for a 47 cm tri bike. There were several bikes I can choose from but only the Trek Equinox 7 WSD has 700cc wheels in that size. All other bikes with that small of a frame ride a 650cc. I am also trying to make decisions on the aerobars (s bends or not) and the shifters (upgrade to Dura Ace). The last thing is do I want to buy new shoes, pedals, and cleats or switch out for awhile? Pretty sweet though, deciding on such a cool new piece of equipment.
P.S. I like powder blue but not necessarily on a bike. This may prove to be an advantage in transition as my bike will stand out like a Care Bear in the crowd!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another hot candidate...

... I knew I had forgotten one. In addition to the other three bikes posted earlier this week I would like to add the Trek Equinox 7.

Beautiful. I love bike porn. More on this topic soon...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pregnancy - BUT NOT ME!

Sorry, just wanted to make that abundantly clear. I am not pregnant. I repeat, not pregnant. The reason for this post is that I was listening to the most recent episode of the infamous InTransit Duo and they were talking about weight gain and pregnancy. These are the numbers I was given in Physical Therapy school a year and a half ago...

Most practitioners agree that a weight gain between 25 and 35 pounds is recommended during pregnancy. This is not the same for everyone of course and yes Cara, it is a touchy subject!

Your total weight gain in pregnancy is estimated as follows:

Fetus - 7.5 lbs
Placenta - 1.4 lbs
Amniotic fluid - 1.8 lbs
Increase in the size of the uterus - 2.1 lbs
Increase in maternal blood - 2.8 lbs
Increase in breast size - 0.9 lbs
Fluid in the skin & other tissues - 3.7 lbs
Maternal reserves - 7.4 lbs

Weight gain in pregnancy begins slowly only to pick up steadily later on. The timing of your total weight gain is about:

0-12 weeks - little or no weight gain
12-20 weeks - 25 percent of weight gain
20-30 weeks - 50 percent of weight gain
30-36 weeks - 25 percent of weight gain
36-40 weeks - little or no weight gain

These are just numbers that would estimate what current research says on the topic. As Cara and Elizabeth know, the research always has the potential to change as we learn more.

I think that women who have the possibility of becoming pregnant have the responsibility to take care of themselves. They need to eat as if they are pregnant now so that eating healthy, nutritious foods isn't a lifestyle change when so many other things are changing later.

As far as exercise goes, I had a friend tell me when she was pregnant that she worked out everyday she just couldn't push herself that much further to raise that heart rate into that overdrive range that we as endurance athletes love so much.

Here is to pregnancy... or not right now.

Monday, April 9, 2007

New bike? Or not new bike...

Well, I took Monday afternoon off from swimming. I readjusted to go Tuesday, Thursday, Friday instead this week. A buddy of mine from college came into town to look at triathlon bikes instead. We hit a couple of the local bike shops and generally had a great time. I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy a tri bike. I have raced 2-3 races a season for 3 or 4 years and am increasing my distances this year finally to Olympics. I have a road bike that I have put aero bars on, flipped the stem, flipped it back, changed the seat tube and generally tricked out to be a pretend tri bike. It is very uncomfortable. I am so far out over the front wheel that I feel like my handling is bad. My neck and shoulders ache if I ride in the aero position very long because I am too stretched out (shoulder angle is >100º and width between elbows is way wider than shoulder width). I just generally feel yucky on it. So that is enough rationalizing. I am trying to decide now which bike is best for me. I have ridden the QR Tequilo, am in love with the Felt S22, and am interested in the financial side of the Cervelo Dual. I am torn. More to come on this subject I am sure.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Should Kids Tri?

The answer, I think, is yes.

I am a pediatric physical therapist who works primarily in the public school system. My patients are usually kiddos who were born with or acquired some sort of disability. These diagnosis include autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, specific learning disabilities, rare genetic conditions, degenerating corpus collosums, strokes, prematurity, hydrocephaly, you name it. These kids have potential, they are capable of so much and yet it seems like so many of us focus on what they can't do.

I want to help them see what they can do. I would love to put on a local kids triathlon but I don't just want to host the event. I foresee some training "clinics" where the kids can come to practice their swimming, biking, running, and stretching and learn other types of fitness activities that correspond to their personal strengths. All of the kids I see are on an active Individual Special Education (IEP) program and it would be so cool if that could be incorporated too. The typically developing children without these programs could definitely "train" and compete after a parental release was signed as well.

I was thinking that the "training" could involve 1 time per week after school with a therapist leading the group for 4-6 weeks. Exercise plans could be sent home to help parents help children prepare.

We have access to a zero depth entry pool, a small bicycle trail, and an indoor track. Obviously we would need age group distance changes and lots of volunteers. I work for a fantastic organization that would help any way they could and I don't want to do this half-heartedly. I want the kids to feel the excitement of race morning and know that they are expected to do well. I want them to cross a finish line and know that they are a better person than when they started the program 6 weeks before. I want the parents and teachers to talk up the race and help kids be excited.

I have lots of thinking to do and it would take a lot of work but if anyone has any suggestions please leave me a comment or email me.