Wednesday, January 9, 2008

1-25 Things about me

Well ladies and gentlemen...

The PT Triathlete blog is 4 posts away from its 100th post! I can't believe it. So, as is tradition, I am going to try to post 100 things about me. Don't worry, for your reading pleasure, I am going to split it up into 4 posts. (I hear you should always leave them wanting more.)

I challenge some of you who really think you know me well to keep track of how many of these things you know and then leave that in the comments section.

1. I love to be hugged with my arms tucked to my chest.
2. I have serious issues with the texture of pudding, Jell-O, yogurt, Gu, and cream of wheat. I gag on them pretty much every time.
3. I love my dogs. They are the cutest things ever, even when they are being naughty.
4. One of my guilty pleasures is buying new running shoes when my old ones aren’t worn out yet.
5. I have bought the same brand and model of running shoe 10 times in a row, Asics Gel Nimbus.
6. I prefer to sleep with my head under the covers. I had to quit doing that when I got married. I think you all know why! P.U.
7. I read the comics in the paper first every day.
8. I still sleep with the blankie I got when I was a newborn.
9. My elbows don’t straighten all the way, they never have.
10. I try to live within the motto, “never find fault in something unless you propose a solution.”
11. I love water; puddles, rain, lakes, rivers, streams, the shower, you name it.
12. I have never seen the ocean, but I think I would love it. (See #11)
13. I had an eyebrow ring for a couple of months in college. Not sure it was really my style and no, I don’t think I have a picture.
14. I love working with kids. They crack me up everyday.
15. I like to be busy. Sitting around is for the birds.
16. My longest run to date is a self supported half marathon on Oct 22nd, 2007, in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
17. My longest bike ride is 52 miles. A group rides in the hills of Iowa.
18. My longest swim is over 4000 yards during a double masters practice.
19. I don’t wear makeup.
20. I like my ponytail.
21. I really don’t like elevators, they make me feel sick. (See #24) I would rather take the stairs.
22. I have the best job ever, PE, recess, field trips, and toys.
23. I am a bit naive.
24. I get motion sick on planes, boats, cars, playground swings, and any other moving objects.
25. I adore power tools! I am currently into our circular saw (with laser) and cordless drill! I even used the drill on my pumpkin last year to make a disco ball.


tri-dogmom said...

I think your dogs are adorable too!!

I'm waiting for my first pair of ASICS Nimbus to come in. I'm hoping they work better with my orthotics than my current pair.. Glad to hear you ar such a big fan!

TRI-ROB said...

I only knew about the Gu and the rain! I still don't get why you aren't in Oregon... with the rain fetish and all.

My 11 year old son is LOVES his "Mimi"... his favorite blanket. He was relieved to hear that there's an adult out there that still sleeps with hers and wants to know what color it is...

Can't wait for the next 25 factoids!!!!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

okay -
nose debris - I'm with you, makes me gag!! everytime! Puddles, rain, water - of any kind - excellent, elevators make me quesy too!! the whole jello thing moving on it's own, gag effect!!
Loved your posts!! It was fun to get to know you better!
especially to know you too have an affinity for power tools...ahhhh a new power tool, most excellent!