Friday, January 11, 2008


Here is your third dose of random facts.

51. I cry during almost every episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
52. I have a soft spot for animals and I get easily upset if I think one is hurt, lost or in trouble.
53. I am not a crier but I do have the occasional meltdown.
54. Mr KT is especially patient with me when this happens.
55. The first time I cried in front of him was because he majorly dropped me on a bike ride.
56. I was born in Wyoming and am a cowgirl at heart.
57. I love to ride horses especially when I can go fast.
58. I lived in Arizona for 5 months after undergrad.
59. I loved the mountains and desert but missed the grass and pastures.
60. I HATE plucking my eyebrows.
61. I blush very, very easily. Bright red.
62. I very rarely paint my nails and when I do, I use clear polish.
63. I have no idea what the point of clear nail polish even is.
64. I can squat 135 lbs 10 times.
65. I hate to hear my alarm clock go off and so I always wake up subconsciously 1 minute before it goes off.
66. I like mornings and usually get up right away.
67. I have had one broken toe (goofing around with my brother) and one broken finger (falling off uneven bars in high school). That is it for broken bones.
68. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I climb in to my bed and Brick snuggles in on top of the covers between my knees and Kona curls up under my armpit.
69. I don’t mind speaking in front of large groups but I hate asking questions during a lecture. My ears, face and neck turn bright red.
70. In high school, I had an anatomy teacher that made us cook and eat everything that we dissected. I tried everything. Most of it was really, really bad.
71. I love fleece. (Blankets, gloves, hats, pants, vests, jackets, blankets, you name it.)
72. I could sleep anytime, anywhere. I believe that it is because I am relaxed and not sleep-deprived. (See # 43)
73. I really only like to breathe on my right when swimming because when I breathe to the left I get water in my ear. However, I am determined to have this fixed by the 2008 season. I have already started practicing it during swim workouts.
74. I love camping with my husband. There is something sexy about a guy who can build a fire with very few tools and doesn’t mind if he gets a little dirty in the process.
75. One of the only things I really dislike about winter is a cold toilet seat.


Ryan said...

I started crying when a 65y/o man dropped me "big time" on a climb during a century ride back in SoCal. Now I tell people that I can't remember that because I bonked so hard.

blink140pnt6 said...

60) Me Too!