Saturday, May 11, 2013


Not a PR in the traditional sense. A PR in the most strange, inconceivable way I could think of. I know it has been forever since I blogged over here. I had a fantastic race summer last summer with multiple top three finishes in trail races and obstacle races. I completed my first ultra marathon and I didn't even write about it! I caught my first wave on a surfboard, fell in love with the ocean and moved to a new city for a new job. None of this was blog documented.


Last Sunday, I ran a half marathon. I've run many a half but this one was different. I carried a person with me. At 6 months pregnant, my running jacket was stretched around my middle, my center of mass was much different than usual, my racing weight was way up, and my bladder was squished.

I was thinking that I would run somewhere between 6 and 8 slow 10:00 miles and then I would walk the rest. I deliberated whether to go out and give it a go, run and DNF when I needed to, or run and then walk the rest when my pelvis hurt too much to take another running step.  I even considered not starting at all. I had registered for the Lincoln Marathon before I knew I was pregnant thinking that I might actually have a decent chance to improve my personal best. Little did I know, I was already pregnant. Surprise.

So... I spoke with my doctor, set up a plan including hydration and full body checks throughout the course and laced up my shoes for the half.

I plastered a smile on my face even when I thought I might wet my running shorts with the little, child sized bowling ball bouncing up and down in there and I read every sign, and thanked every volunteer. It was cold and windy and wonderful. I ran the first 7 miles at a very comfortable 9:30ish pace and checked in with myself regularly. I was delighted to find that I continued to feel great. That I had no pain or major discomfort. I ran to each mile marker and did the same. I was amazed, when at 13.1 miles, I ran into Memorial Stadium and through the finishers shoot feeling fresh at 2:04.  (Although there was significant relief in unzipping that slightly too tight running coat and removing the heart rate monitor that left a major gash!)

I am so very glad I decided to run. It reminded me what I am capable of and how sometimes it isn't the fastest time that feels like a "win". Growing a person, working, being a mom, and continuing to run... sometimes it feels overwhelming but on Sunday it was totally worth it. 

* I did carefully train for the half... just in case anyone was worried. ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yoga, yoga, yoga

I miss Bikram Yoga. I haven't been for almost 2 years. Going while pregnant is obviously out at 105 degrees. Going while healing from a C Section is a very bad idea (and I would have probably fallen asleep anyway). Going while nursing is ill-advised (ew) but now is the time! It is starting to get cold and I am definitely back in shape. We are also done buying the Ferrari of formulas and so maybe, just maybe, I can talk my husband into $30 this month for 2, 90 minute, yoga sessions.
I was recently discussing the differences between Bikram and Vinyasa yoga. I, of course was in the Bikram camp and my friend was all for Vinyasa. We talked back and forth both understanding the other's love of yoga, both having been out of the practice for a while. She explained why she loved Vinyasa and told me about her experience with Bikram. As I listened, I began to see that everyone does yoga for a different reason. Every reason is just as valuable. She enjoys the spiritual aspect, the relaxation, and the not knowing what she will get with each instructor and each class. I began to realize that I loved all the opposite things about Bikram. I love that each time the poses are the same, that I can perfect my postures, and know exactly what to expect. I love that it is one heck of a work out. I love that I sweat like crazy. I enjoy the work. I love that there is no talking, no drinking, no paying attention to anything or anyone around you.
There is just nothing better than the cleanse from a Bikram yoga session and now I can't wait to go!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Papillion Triathlon Race Report

Well, I raced and I survived. That's all I really was hoping for.

I woke up with a throbbing headache. Not a good sign as I tend to get a headache after I race about 90% of the time. I got up, gathered my belongings, took two Aleve and was off. Oh and I managed to shut the back hatch of my Saturn Vue on my arm after I loaded my bike. That left a lovely bruise!

I got to the race and got set up. I picked up my packet and got body marked and I told myself I could do the swim and turn in my chip if my head was worse. I have been fighting some nasty headaches that seem to happen after I swim and I hadn't been in the water FOREVER. Swimming is natural for me and I wasn't worried about the swim itself but I was worried about how I would feel afterward.

The swim went well, I was slower than I would have liked but that was to be expected. I came out of the water with the same headache I went in with and so I got on my bike and took off. The volunteers were making everyone walk with their bikes in transition which slowed down both T1 and T2 a bit. The bike course is 3 hilly loops that weave through a narrow sidewalk trail, through a high school parking lot, and then on busy (closed) highways. It's a decent ride and I actually started to feel a bit better as I rode. I was passed by guys as usual and I was only passed by one girl! Yay! I came in off the bike and took off running. It was really really hot by now. 99 degrees at 9 am and a heat index of 107 degrees. Yuck. The run is out and back. The out section is flat and then uphill which makes the back part a tiny bit better. I was hurting and hot and had a headache and was a bit light headed but I didn't get passed by anyone and even made a few passes myself. I had chills coming into the finish line and I was glad to be done. I actually found out the next day that I had been fighting a UTI for over a week (oops - let that go a little too long) and started a round of antibiotic.

Time: 1:24:24
Overall Place: 47
Place in Gender: 4/86
Place in Division F3034: 2/21

Swim: 11:07
Tran1: 0:56
Bike: 45:45
Tran2: 0:56
Run: 25:43

So I'll take 4th place with a UTI and a doozy of a headache. Not bad and soooo glad to be back out racing.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I race tomorrow.
I think I forgot how.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Upcoming Sprint

It has been a very long time since my last triathlon, almost 2 years! I have a little local sprint coming up in a couple of weeks and I am curious to see how I will do. There have been very, very few brick workouts in my life but the good news is that, with the marathon training I have been doing, the 5K should be a piece of cake even after a quick bike ride. It's really the swim that worries me the most. I have been having bad headaches complete with dizziness the days that I swim masters. The kind of headaches that require throwing up and going to bed to get rid of. Suck. So I really haven't been swimming. I've seen two doctors and am headed in to an audiologist today to have custom ear molds made. Crossing my fingers that it helps! I love to swim and it is very sad to be out of the water for so long.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Additional Blog

When E man came along I decided that I wanted to keep this blog related to exercise, triathlon and workouts and start something completely different related to our adventures in parenting. If you are interested check it out here!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turning it off

So I ran this morning. Don't get me wrong, I've been running. I usually tuck E man into the stroller with his hat, blanket, toys, and sunglasses. Then I round up the dogs and leash them up, get their collars, find doggy doo sacks. It's quite the production. This morning I snuck out of the house. I left Mr KT asleep in our bed upstairs, E asleep in his crib, and the dogs in their kennels. I slipped out the door into the drizzle and it was just me. Just two feet, two lungs, one heart beat, two arms pumping and a very quiet brain. No cell phone, no ipod, no baby, no animals. No worrying about work, or if the sun was in the baby's face, or if his hat had slipped over his eyes, or if the very favorite teething giraffe had been slung over the side of the stroller into a puddle a mile ago. No worry about making sure we still had two tiny socks, that the dogs weren't tangled up or about to bolt for a squirrel, or if the baby was chewing on his sunglasses instead of wearing them. No texts, emails, or phone calls. No need to manage a large herd on a small path. The ability to swing both arms! My head grew quiet. I watched two geese fly in for a water landing on the golf course pond. And then I ran home to fix a bottle and change a diaper and see that sweet baby's sleepy smile. Happy sigh.