Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall is cooler than summer...

... or so says my oh-so-brilliant younger brother.

It has, in fact, been a very cool end of summer, beginning of fall in terms of temperature. This has been great for some things, namely long runs with the dogs, having the windows open in the house, bike rides, etc. It has also created some minor discomforts. The temperature of the lake water is pretty darn cold right now. There are an over abundance of what I thought we gnats but that apparently are aphids just hovering in the air. It almost seems like a plague. When I run my normal route through the big city park by our house they are thick. My white tank top is actually black when I get done because it is covered in bugs. I have them in my mouth, ears, eyes (even with sunglasses), stuck to my sweaty skin, and smashed in my sports bra. You can't really brush them away because they smash against you. It's incredibly gross. The dogs are constantly shaking their heads and have the bugs in the corners of their eyes. Poor babies. It's really enough to deter one from taking a quick run because you have no choice but to shower immediately when you get home even if you are just out for a quick 3 miler. The news coverage has said that it is due to the low temperatures but it seems like it has also been very still, very little wind. Even just a breeze might blow them around a little so they were not just sitting there. Yuck!

Other than that, nothing too exciting happening. No marathons planned this fall. No races at all really. Might try and sneak in a couple of 5Ks or one more half marathon if I can find one close. The Omaha half was just too expensive to justify. I can just go out and run the 13 miles on my own from my house and I can take a dog and my ipod.

My mom and aunt and I will be walking the Race for the Cure next weekend. Like last year, I will run down to the start beforehand and walk with them. It's becoming a tradition!

Oh and I hit a Bikram yoga class this week because it wasn't so blasted hot outside anymore. It felt so awesome! I hadn't been for months and I was more sore than I have been in quite some time the next day. I love it.

Other than that, just swimming, biking, and running.

Happy fall!