Sunday, January 6, 2008

My goal for 2008...

... to be an American Gladiator.

Granted these guys are from 20 years ago... but come on, fess up. Who watched American Gladiators tonight besides my husband and I? This is one of the only shows that we actually both want to watch. I really like Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy and Patrick likes Heroes and the Daily Show and we both kind of like House, but Gladiators? I don't know if this show came about before or after the writer's strike but who cares, because it is awesome!

My brother and I used to watch and debate which one of the challenges we would be best at and which gladiator we could totally take. By the way, we were about 9 years old. The funniest part about all of this, that is exactly what I was doing when it was on tonight. I SO want to do that!

By the way... Patrick says that my gladiator name would be FireStorm.


O said...

I totally watched that show on Sunday mornings after church when I was a kid. I totally watched it tonight!
American Gladiators is the first place I ever saw a rock wall. Awesome!

Jameson said...

Haha. I still watch the old ones on ESPN Classic sometimes. I can't believe I missed it, I thought it started NEXT sunday.

Oh well. It looks like there is another episode tonight. I've already set it to record on my DVR just in case.

Can I call you FireStorm from now on?! haha.

Jamie and Adriane said...

I really wanted to watch but didn't get to! I also looked to apply but I think they have the entire first season booked because there is no place to sign up.

You and Pat should really get on that show, I have no doubt that both of you guys could win.