Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post #100!!

Yay! It is definitely a milestone. Here is the last batch.

76. I know absolutely nothing about pop culture and it really doesn’t bother me. I can hardly keep track of my own life, let alone the gossip from everyone else’s.
77. When I was a little girl, I was terrified of anything in costume, especially if it had a really big stuffed animal head. That stuff still freaks me out.
78. Crest Regular Paste toothpaste reminds me of my Norfolk grama.
79. Those little candy Conversation Hearts remind me of my Lincoln grama.
80. My biggest pet peeve is hair on the soap. Yuck! We use body wash at our house.
81. I have taken anatomy in high school, college, and at the med center. I love dissection!
82. My husband and I were married twice. Once in the protestant church and then six months later in the Catholic Church.
83. I received my most painful sports injury in an Ultimate Frisbee game in undergrad, a deep thigh bruise.
84. I have never been to Disney World/Land. Probably due to #77.
85. I need to eat regularly or I get extremely crabby, just ask my husband.
86. My husband proposed to me at a Halloween XC race that we were at. I was dressed as running with scissors and he was dressed as a 49er in the gold rush. Nobody understood the humor in our “running” costumes.
87. My biggest vice: skinny-dipping! I love it.
88. In college, I rappelled off a grain silo one night with a few friends. I would do it again.
89. When camping, I prefer to sleep under the stars and not in a tent. Although I have learned that you should always set up your tent, otherwise you will get rained on for sure.
90. You know the ketchup that is in the gallon pump at restaurants for mass use? I used to think that it was somebody’s job to squeeze all the tiny packets in there day after day.
91. It makes me crazy when my husband cranks up his “kick ass” rock (editor’s note… I have lost control of my blog) music. I try to put up with it when he is lifting weights in the basement because he likes it.
92. I get car sick in the backseat. In fact, the last time I threw up was the summer before 4th grade in the backseat of my mom’s car on our family vacation. Yuck.
93. When working with kids, bodily fluids don’t bother me. I can deal with any diaper that comes my way, kids landing their recently eaten lunch on the floor, g-tubes, colostomy bags, drooling, you name it… however I have serious issues with anything that comes out of a nose. Ugh, disgusting. Again, this is something that makes me gag.
94. I big-time hated having my face painted when I was little.

(Mr. KT wrote the last 6 of these facts… just thought you should know.)
95. I have long femur bones according to a professional bike fitter.
96. I am a daddy’s girl. Always have been.

97. I belonged to a sorority in College. Delta Gamma. (Try and keep that under wraps, it might ruin my reputation.)
98. I hate watching all the documentary movies my husband seems to enjoy…what a dork.
99. I only like old school video games, like Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo from 1985...Most likely because I can beat the game and some of the video game wiz kids my husband works with can’t get past the first level.
100. I don’t mow the grass. I just don’t. Well, I have twice when Patrick was gone. First I had a dad that did it and now a husband.


Jameson said...

Haha. Me and Sam were j ust in a little fight because I was so hungry and grumpy.

A grilled cheese and some soup solved everything. :-)

TRI-ROB said...

That's the first thing my wife asks me if I'm walking around being Anger Boy, "Have you eaten anything?"

I'm willing to bet that the aversion to face-painting as a child led to the no make-up thing. Count yourself lucky... I have to use a TON of eyeliner and rouge to cover up my wrinkles....

Tri-Dummy said...

Those were great!

Is there some sort of "go-by" to put together a 100 list?

blink140pnt6 said...

76) I'm w/ya on that.
86) Very cool.
99) Yeah!
100) That's 2x more than Mrs. blink has mowed the yard. :)