Saturday, May 11, 2013


Not a PR in the traditional sense. A PR in the most strange, inconceivable way I could think of. I know it has been forever since I blogged over here. I had a fantastic race summer last summer with multiple top three finishes in trail races and obstacle races. I completed my first ultra marathon and I didn't even write about it! I caught my first wave on a surfboard, fell in love with the ocean and moved to a new city for a new job. None of this was blog documented.


Last Sunday, I ran a half marathon. I've run many a half but this one was different. I carried a person with me. At 6 months pregnant, my running jacket was stretched around my middle, my center of mass was much different than usual, my racing weight was way up, and my bladder was squished.

I was thinking that I would run somewhere between 6 and 8 slow 10:00 miles and then I would walk the rest. I deliberated whether to go out and give it a go, run and DNF when I needed to, or run and then walk the rest when my pelvis hurt too much to take another running step.  I even considered not starting at all. I had registered for the Lincoln Marathon before I knew I was pregnant thinking that I might actually have a decent chance to improve my personal best. Little did I know, I was already pregnant. Surprise.

So... I spoke with my doctor, set up a plan including hydration and full body checks throughout the course and laced up my shoes for the half.

I plastered a smile on my face even when I thought I might wet my running shorts with the little, child sized bowling ball bouncing up and down in there and I read every sign, and thanked every volunteer. It was cold and windy and wonderful. I ran the first 7 miles at a very comfortable 9:30ish pace and checked in with myself regularly. I was delighted to find that I continued to feel great. That I had no pain or major discomfort. I ran to each mile marker and did the same. I was amazed, when at 13.1 miles, I ran into Memorial Stadium and through the finishers shoot feeling fresh at 2:04.  (Although there was significant relief in unzipping that slightly too tight running coat and removing the heart rate monitor that left a major gash!)

I am so very glad I decided to run. It reminded me what I am capable of and how sometimes it isn't the fastest time that feels like a "win". Growing a person, working, being a mom, and continuing to run... sometimes it feels overwhelming but on Sunday it was totally worth it. 

* I did carefully train for the half... just in case anyone was worried. ;)