Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yoga, yoga, yoga

I miss Bikram Yoga. I haven't been for almost 2 years. Going while pregnant is obviously out at 105 degrees. Going while healing from a C Section is a very bad idea (and I would have probably fallen asleep anyway). Going while nursing is ill-advised (ew) but now is the time! It is starting to get cold and I am definitely back in shape. We are also done buying the Ferrari of formulas and so maybe, just maybe, I can talk my husband into $30 this month for 2, 90 minute, yoga sessions.
I was recently discussing the differences between Bikram and Vinyasa yoga. I, of course was in the Bikram camp and my friend was all for Vinyasa. We talked back and forth both understanding the other's love of yoga, both having been out of the practice for a while. She explained why she loved Vinyasa and told me about her experience with Bikram. As I listened, I began to see that everyone does yoga for a different reason. Every reason is just as valuable. She enjoys the spiritual aspect, the relaxation, and the not knowing what she will get with each instructor and each class. I began to realize that I loved all the opposite things about Bikram. I love that each time the poses are the same, that I can perfect my postures, and know exactly what to expect. I love that it is one heck of a work out. I love that I sweat like crazy. I enjoy the work. I love that there is no talking, no drinking, no paying attention to anything or anyone around you.
There is just nothing better than the cleanse from a Bikram yoga session and now I can't wait to go!