Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where is my brain?

Thursday I ran in shorts and sunglasses and 60+ degrees. I bike commuted to work and was fairly comfortable. Well, except that I forgot I had changed out my Look cleats for some Shimano cleats for spinning this winter. Oops, realized when I got on and was headed down the hill and couldn't clip in that my Look pedals were still on my bike. I was already late for work so I just rode with mismatched pedals and cleats and tried to be careful. No standing up! I only had one little incident where I slipped and banged my shin on the pedal. Will make sure to have those cleats changed out before I ride next week.

Look Pedals look something like this...

My cleats look something like this...

Not really compatible.

Friday it snowed and it is still on the ground.

Hee hee. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Hope it is spring. (And more bike commuting.)