Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you think this is a problem...

... raise your hand.

The swim coach at Master's swim tonight put out a bucket to puke in before the beginning of the first set.

Yeah, awesome. Fortunately, there was no need although I did consider it after the second set. I had to pull myself out and sit on the side while I tried to keep my lunch and snack where it belonged.

Our workout included...

•warm up 6x100 descending
•75s with fins and kick board - start on 2:00 for 2 and descend :05 every other. So 2 75s on 2:00, 2 75s on 1:55, 2 75s on the 1:50, 2 75s on 1:45, etc. Made it to 1:05s. (24 75s total)
•50 ez
•11x50: start in deep, dive in, sprint 25, climb out, 5 push ups (started with 10, but that only lasted for 4 50s), dive in, sprint 1/2 way back and coast in
•75 ez
•2x300 ez free with every 3rd 25 fast stroke
•warm down: 100 ez kick

3775 yards total

Sometimes it is super nice to have different coaches with different approaches to workouts but there is a downside as well. For some reason, the college aged coaches that we swim for tend to think that my lightening fast swim buddy (LFSB) and I need the hardest workouts they can think of. That somehow, it will "challenge" us and make them better coaches in some odd, sadistic way. The problem is that I can't do three hard swim workouts a week for weeks on end and have anything left for my other stuff (or another swim workout).

Anywho, my LFSB was a little annoyed and aggravated with the coach before all was said and done. I can't say that I blame him, though I believe the problem is more of a communication issue between coaches. Hopefully everything gets straightened out because otherwise I am going to have to create a few of my own workouts!

Stay warm out there all!


Jameson said...

OUCH! Well at least your coach let you know what to expect!

You are a machine.

Anonymous said...

You are not a machine. Pot is up to 127$. I have no skin on my toes due to flipper abuse. LFSB

Benson said...

What in heck! that's not a warm up! That's nothing but a suffer-fest. I think I may have used the smack coach up side the head.
Great job. Really great.

TRI-ROB said...

Holy CRAP dude! That is a great workout KT! Good job!

Yeah... the bucket thing? Lame. Total ego BS. Lemme guess... the coach is young and inexperienced? I'm all for pushing the envelope but it should be on your own terms... not on the terms of someone that thinks they have something to prove... "Look at me... I'm a bad-ass coach." Pshh.


IM Able said...

My favorite part of that? The 50 ez and 75 ez. Like..."here, I'm going to smack you around for a little until you need to puke in this bucket, but then I'm going to give you a *lollipop*. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Thank goodness my coach lives in Chicago.

tri-dogmom said...

WOW - that is messed up! That's like 5 times difficulty of my masters workouts! My coach is coacing Im people though - long & slow.

blink140pnt6 said...

Again, this is why I don't do masters swims and it is also why you would kick my ass on pretty much any swim course.