Saturday, December 1, 2007

Still not sure...

...what I am going to race next season. I have had a lot of people suggest I start going long (after I get the nutrition figured out!) I like the idea of a HIM and am really contemplating trying to get into the San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

I also really want to concentrate on speed. Like I said before, I have a buddy who is offering to help on the running end of that and my Master's coach will be all over the swim but now I am just looking for some advice as far as training for speed on my bike is concerned.

The question that I just keep wondering is can you work on speed while trying to go a little longer?

The good news is that the half in San Diego isn't until October. This is WAY after all the races in the Midwest have been completed due to weather challenges. So... I really think that I could do it and am getting psyched up just thinking about it. Am I being crazy? Is all the ice outside on the streets, power lines, and every.single.blade.of.grass also covering up the neurons in my brain? =0)

On that note... it was a busy day at our house on Saturday as we cleaned like crazy and put up the Christmas tree.
It was cold and we had a "wintry mix" from the time we got up until about 2:00 pm. This included the ice you saw in the photo above. Brick and Kona really wanted to go out but they would get outside, realize how cold it was and turn around and want back in.

They have been taught by the psychologist in the house (not me) to ring the bells when they want in or out. This is a pretty good solution. They typically nudge them with their faces gently except when they really want in or out NOW, then they smack them really hard with their paws. It is pretty funny but gets old fast.

And yes, those are leftover bells from our wedding 2 1/2 years ago. =0)

Just like most doggies, Brick and Kona LOVE ice. While Bricko was outside on Saturday, he figured out that all the stuff hanging from the deck and the branches was ice. It was hilarious to watch him running all over trying to eat it all. Wish I could have videotaped that.

And, at the end of a long, busy day of begging to be let out, checking out every inch of the Christmas tree, and eating a glaciers worth of ice, Brick is curled up on a warm lap.

Sorry about the numerous pictures of the "babies". Training has been a bit on the slow side but I am ready to pick it all back up. More on that next time.


Danielle in Iowa said...

But they are such adorable babies! I am currently curled up on the couch all cozy with ours right now :-)

J-Wim said...

The pups are adorable!!
My babies play the in and out game all day long too..... drives me crazy!
Do your pups ring the bells to go out? I trained mine to do that with a set of windchimes and it drove Mike so crazy he put them away. I loved it, but oh well!

Anonymous said...

Training speed on the bike is pretty much like training speed on the run (intervals, tempo rides, TT rides, etc.), so I can help you out. Isn't Pat a cyclist? Why don't you just ask him? :) Anyway, you can train both, in fact you always want to do some amount of speedwork when training long, but you'll never be as fast training long as you would be if you were just training fast. I'm calling you on Tuesday; we can discuss it then. Back to tour.