Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowy Saturday

I just got back from xc skiing. I drove over to the local golf course and skied for about 40 minutes. It was really dark and under the canopy of the trees the snow didn't light up or have any sparkle from the moon. The nice thing about the cover of night... there is a much lower chance that anyone else will see you fall. Which I still do occassionally, mostly when I am moving slowly and my ski tips cross or something ridiculous like that. I only fell on one of the steeper downhills that I took.

Anyway, it was super nice skiing on the golf course instead of the side streets in the neighborhood. I plan on doing it again tomorrow after church and maybe a couple of trips down the big hill that I do hill reapeats on, on my sled with one of the babies running along beside.

Today was a really nice, snowy day. I ran this am with Kona will my husband ran with Brick. The snow was coming down and the wind was blowing and on the way home I kept getting snow flakes in my eyeballs. Kona loves the snow and was bounding along as best she could with her leash on. Mr KT and Brick showed back up just after Kona and I and they both had ice coated beards. (I would have taken a picture but I currently can't find my camera. Awesome.)

Then... it was time for cookie day. My dad, husband and uncle frosted maybe 5 dozen gingerbread and sugar cut-outs while my aunt, mom and I stirred, mixed, measured and baked. We made about 2-3 dozen of at least 6 other kinds. That is over 20 dozen cookies. Yeah, I'm not going to lie, we went through three pounds of butter. Land O Lakes loves us.

So there is your Saturday update. I think I am going to go look for my digital camera!

Later all


tri-dogmom said...

I'm laughing at you running in the snow... and me freaking out freezing all day because it was 36 for a low :-)

Jameson said...

Glad to hear your first trip out to the golf course went well. Looking forward to pics of your next run out.