Sunday, December 2, 2007

An actual post about training

Last week was a little on the lazy side.

I ran 3 times for a total of 1 hr 40 min
Walked 2 times for 20 minutes each with the dogs
Biked on the trainer once for 45 min
Swam 1 time for an hour
Lifted weights 1 wimpy time for 25 minutes
and had 1 official rest day.

YIKES! That was a total of about 4 hours. Okay, this week, back in gear.

So here is the plan. I will update each day this week just like I always do on the left side on my blog. The plan is

AM: Run 2.5 miles before church (20 mins)
PM: Pilates (40 mins)
PM: Lift legs (30 mins)
AM: Yoga (40 minutes)
PM: Swim 3000-3500 yds (1.25 hrs)
AM: Run 3.5 miles (30 mins)
PM: Lift arms - (30 mins)
AM: Pilates (40 mins)
PM:Swim 2500-3000 yds (1.25 hrs)
AM: Run 2.5 miles (20 mins)
PM: Ride bike - indoor trainer (1 hr)
AM: Run 3.5 miles (30 min)
PM: rest (travelling)
rest day (traveling)

This would be a little over 8 hours which is significantly more respectable.

Note: Last week during my lone swim workout, I found that we have moved from fly lessons to breast stroke lessons. I think that the reasoning behind all this stroke work is due to a Master's meet coming up in February. There may be talk amogst my coach and pool buddy that I should swim in one of the events. I am not yet convinced but it is still a ways off so we will see I guess. Anywho, I now know how to do a "legal" lap of breast stroke so at least I won't be DQ'd. Hopefully. =0)

More later...


blink140pnt6 said...

I used to swim the breast stroke on the swim team way back in the day. I've got a great story for ya sometime about getting DQ'd. :)

CresceNet said...
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tri-dogmom said...

Thanks for your great comment on my blog! I think you are right, we are long lost sisters or something :-)

Maybe someday we'll meet up at an event! You know it's awfully nice her in AZ during the winter!

Keep the puppy pics coming.. I LOVE them!

Tri-Dummy said...

You had quite a week.

BTW, you need to come do the Maranatha Triathlon on June 28th.