Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ewww... there goes lunch!

Went to Master's tonight to get one of my two swim workouts in this week. It was fast 50's night apparently.

700 warm up
3 x (5x50) - odds fast, evens ez within set
set 1: fly
set 2: back
set 3: free (I did my fast 50s on :35, :37, :33!!)

goofy kick set: 50s starting on the 1:05 and then +:03 sec, -:03 sec. I got all confused and ended up dropping the rest and just decreasing by :03 each 50. I got down to 45 sec (approx 400 yds)

250 warm down

7 minutes treading in deep: :30 with 10 lb brick, drop to bottom, :30 hands out of water, retrieve brick, repeat

12x50 off the blocks, at least two of each stroke, 25 all out, 25 ez. Leave when the person in front of you touches opposite wall (3 in our lane).

200 warm down

Total 2900 yds +7 minutes of treading

Now, fun day at practice but I'll let you ponder for a second where the title of this post came from.



Notice how we go from a nice easy warm up heartrate to fast 50s of fly. Yeah after 3 hard, fast 50s of fly I wasn't feeling so hot. Then to go from a fast 50 of fly to a fast 50 of backstroke, where you have to flip over, that about did it. After the 5x50 back was finished I felt better but yuck.

My swim buddy told me that if I puked due to the workout, he would give me $100. Nice... but not worth it today. Ask me again tomorrow.


tri-dogmom said...

OMG! That sounds SO stinking hard. I don't think I could do that fast of 50s, I never time myself in a yard pool...

Great job!

Tri-Dummy said...

Now that was a swim workout!!!

blink140pnt6 said...

This is why I don't swim w/ you.

I like my lunch right where it's at.