Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just one more thing...

I keep meaning to post a picture of the newest addition to our house. No we are NOT having a baby. I am referring to Mr KT's 2 month old tattoo.

It is a wooden cross with a medicine wheel around it making it look a little Celtic. I think it turned out great. He said it peeled a couple of times but it was never really that uncomfortable. He asked me if I was going to go along when he got it done and I told him I would come take his picture. He told me that was so not cool and so I stayed home. LOL!

I would be willing to bet he's already thinking about a second one, but what do I know.


IronJenny said...

I love that!!!

Jamie, Adriane and Olivia said...

Nice Ink Pat!

SUB6 said...

A tattoo is always at the back of my mind (Ironman and all that) but don't think I'd stand the pain of one that big! :)

Jamie said...

What, KT, you are not next on the list to get inked?

That is a really good looking tattoo though. The artist did a really nice job.

I've always wanted to get one, but can never settle on a design fore more than a few weeks. :-)