Friday, September 5, 2008

Dude, You Just Got Chicked

Two open water swims in three days? Is this some kind of strange parallel universe? Yeah, that's right, two. Unfortunately it is now September and so I am a little late due to triathlon season being, well, pretty much over. Anywho, I swam with two buddies on Monday (I love having a day off.) We went to a local "private" lake and swam for about 25 minutes. A was way faster than me, just like he is in the pool. E was just slightly slower but hung right in there. We swam, played a little frisbee and then had a little lunch. It was hot and beautiful and summer.

Wednesday, a gal that I have been long riding with called and wanted to open water swim at that same lake. Her brother lives there and she wanted to meet me after work. We met about 6:30 pm. It was a beautiful fall day, about 63 degrees. It had only been cooler for a day or so and the water was still warm. The air temp definitely wasn't but it really was no big deal. I have vowed never to complain about water temps after my 1.2 mile dip in Lake Michigan. Now that was chilly. Anywho, we got it and swam for 30 minutes straight. We swam a giant square. I have no idea how far we went but it felt awesome. The sun was starting to sink behind the trees, the water was fairly calm. Arms were cool out of the water but the water was not cold. As we swam out we came across 3 or 4 guys swimming as well. The funniest part about it was they were in full wetsuits. Now, there is nothing wrong with a full wetsuit but think about it... the only skin that had showing was their feet, hands, and faces. Both of us were in two piece swimsuits with very little covered relatively speaking. We were flying compared to them and their kayaker. I watched them stroke slowly by as Lisa and I flew past. Those boys totally got chicked. I love it.


Jamie said...

Having wetsuits, a kayak escort AND getting schooled by chicks in two pieces? Ouch!

I think you just convinced me to go for an OWS today. But I'll still wear my wetsuit for safety, not speed.

blink said...

I for one, would love to "get chicked"!

you knew I'd say that.

Jetpack said...

"Got Chicked" - classic! Possible the best sports phrase EVER!

Benson said...

Oh yeah!
Nice job.
Next time, yell out to them,

"Eat my bubbles!"

Really demoralize them.

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! Nice work!!!

Ordinarylife said...

Sounds awesome!