Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yeah, that's right...

I ran The Omaha Mile this morning. It is a fast one mile race in downtown Omaha. Most of the course is downhill with a little tiny bump in the middle. You start at 19th and Capitol and run down Capitol St. You take a left on 10th street and run past the Qwest Center to the finish. It is fast and furious. A bunch of kids races to start with and then Master's Women, Master's Men, Open Women 39 and under, Open Men 39 and under, Elite Women, and then Elite Men. Dang those last two groups can freaking fly. Amazing. I believe that the winning elite male ran 3:57:something and the second place elite male was also under 4 minutes. Wow.

My time...


19 seconds under what I was hoping to run.
Good enough for 3rd place overall in the open women division and 2nd in my age group. As I was about at 2/3 of a mile I thought to myself, all those long runs were definitely not training you for this. But I have to admit that the track workouts probably helped.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Next year? I would love to go sub 6.


Eric said...

You can TOTALLY run sub 6.

Jamie said...

Nice race KT!

With a little speed work, those last 11 seconds will be gone before you know it. Way to go.