Monday, December 29, 2008

Brick's Busy Day

We take a break from our regularly scheduled triathlon posts to hear from another very naughty family member who would like to share their story.

Man, it's 5:45 am?! I'm not ready to get up. Geez mom, go back to bed. Come back in an hour. Wait, wait, wait. I changed my mind. I'm up and I have to potty NOW. Let me go up the stairs first. Door, door, door, bell, ring the bell, outside, brrrrrr, phew, that's better.

I got up today, just like any other day. I had major bed head all over my body and I didn't care. I looked gooooood. I went outside in the cold, did my business and headed upstairs to crawl into bed and rub my face against my dad's back. Back to sleep for at least another hour or so. My stupid sister stayed downstairs on the couch. Good more room for me. I love her but I like to have my people all to myself.

Up at the usual time, breakfast as usual. Same old, same old... dog food. Mmmmmmm.

Back outside in the cold and then back up to the bed while my dad gets ready for work. So high maintenance. All I have to do is jump in the car, he has to shave, and shower, and put on a bunch of clothes, and find his keys, and find his shoes, and find his wallet, and pack up his bag, and GEEZ, is it time yet!?

Off to work. This is awesome. We go to work with dad some days. He has this great office with a Foosball table and sometimes if I stand under there long enough I find this little red shiny thing on the floor. Dad calls it a laser. I don't care what it is called, I think it will taste like bacon, if I can ever catch it. It only comes out to play when my human is around and it moves quick! I just can't seem to catch it. It doesn't come out every day but sometimes when I am lucky I see it. And there is this new thing they keep talking about. I think they call it a Wii? Well, my dad has been working on it for lots of days. He stands there and swings an imaginary bat. I'm a little annoyed there is no ball. And today he was sweating while he was hitting nothing in the air. He called it "boxing". And they think I am a dope. Geez. Anywho, there is this little white glove thing that swirls around on the wall. I think it may be related to the red flashy thing that keeps showing up when I hide under the Foosball table. I chase it and chase it. My people would be so proud if I could show them what I caught. One of these days that little white hand will be mine.

Then it is time to go home. My sister and I get really excited because, guess what!? At the top of the stairs at work, there is a rabbit! Yeah, a really fast, smells good rabbit with a fluffy white tail and a little pink nose. My sister always shoves her head under all the bushes looking for it but I am much more patient. I always see it and point. My silly people never do their part though. I find the animals and then they let them run off. Really!? Shoot it or something!

Today, we rode home in the back of the Neon. I love to watch the world go by. We got home and my dad opened the door to get us. We always wait like we should until he says we can get out. Today, when we headed up to the house, dad and I realized at the same time that he didn't have a hold of Kona's leash! He lunged for her right as I made a break for it. And we were off! Freedom! My sister and I have had this planned for ages. Today just happened to be our lucky day. We ran and ran and ran. He chased us on foot for a bit. That was a really fun game. Then he was gone. I was headed for my favorite thing ever. MUD! Lots of mud at the construction site about 2/3 of a mile down the road. I played for quite a bit and then I heard my dad call for me. I was so happy to see him. I ran over and jumped into the car. We drove for a bit and then my sister, Koni, jumped out of the field. He called and she bounced over to see him. Man, he was glad to see us but I could tell he was mad too! He left us outside when we got back. It wasn't cold but I like to be in with my people. He took us around and left us in our inside kennel when he left again. Damn. I was hoping for a couch.

Then guess what?! Both my mom and dad came home and I got sent straight to the bathtub. :( I hate the bathtub. My dad said it looked like I was wearing brown pants. What in the heck are pants? Apparently, I also had some giant stickers on my tummy. My dad had to trim them out of my fur. That is definitely gonna mess up my sweet bed head.

Anyway, I got my bath, had my dinner, and I am now currently working on a bone in the basement while I dictate this story to my mom. The funniest part is... shhhhh, don't tell but my sister is going to get put in the shower with her tonight. Ahahaha. She's gonna hate that. Oh well. We both think it was TOTALLY worth it. All in a day's work. And now, I can't keep my eyes open and am going to crash. Good night.


AC said...

it's nice to hear from Brick again! Kona should bless us with her thoughts sometime. =)

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

There is nothing better than snuggling up with a freshly bathed SOFT dog! We had 3 of them last night :-)