Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year in Review

2008 - The year of my first real half marathon, first half ironman race and my first marathon. It should have been my first adventure race as well but I was too sick to race that.

The numbers are as follows...

Runs: 171
Avg. Time: 00:50:31
Total Time: 143:59:33
Avg. Mi Pace: 9:44
Avg. Dist.: 5.2 Mi
Total Dist.: 883.3 Mi
Avg. Cal. Burned: 547.3
Total Cal. Burned: 89208

Bikes: 75
Avg. Time: 01:09:39
Total Time: 87:04:32
Avg. Speed: 16.2 MPH
Avg. Dist.: 18.8 Mi
Total Dist.: 1410.5 Mi
Avg. Cal. Burned: 664.6
Total Cal. Burned: 44525

Swims: 88
Avg. Time: 00:55:47
Total Time: 81:50:08
Avg. Dist.: 2180.7 Yd
Total Dist.: 191905.0 Yd
Avg. Cal. Burned: 509.1
Total Cal. Burned: 40728

Others including xc skiing and yoga
Others: 42
Time: 44:35:00

Total Summary
Workouts: 340
Total Time: 361:07:14
Total Dist.: 2415.0 Mi
Cal. Burned: 175759

One of the main problems with the program I use to keep track is that it doesn't tabulate the strength into your totals. I'll have to see if I can figure that out.

So, now the next step is to figure out what the next 12 months are going to look like and what the goals are going to be. I'll be posting that soon.