Saturday, December 20, 2008

A week in review...

What a great week! It snowed three times!

Last Saturday was so nice I went trail running in shorts! 58 plus degrees.

Sunday was really really cold with no snow. About a 65 degree drop overnight.

Monday was really cold too. So cold that when I was walking the 5 blocks to my car from the hospital in the dark at about 6:30 at night, some lady slowed way way down in the middle of a fairly busy street to ask if I needed a ride. LOL. Only in Nebraska would a complete stranger ask if I could use a ride. I guess either that says I look like a trust worthy soul or really gullible. I politely refused and finished the walk. It was cold but I was bundled up and it wasn't that far. Monday night we went to the wall to boulder. I was trying to finish off a problem that I had pieced together the time before and was successful until I jumped off the wall and got my right arm hung up in a rope (that I obviously wasn't using). Yeah. Ow. Sweet rope burn. Now, the question is, do you put on deodorant with an owie that close to your arm pit and risk the burn or do you make all others in your immediate space suffer? I chose to go with the deodorant.

Tuesday it snowed all morning. It was slushy and slick and awesome. After work, Kona and I bundled up and headed out for a run. As we were crossing a really busy street with the light, I was watching a truck slide down the hill towards us with all four wheels locked up. He was sliding and Kona and I were side stepping on packed down slick snow in the street trying to avoid an accident. He was going really slow, which was good cause I couldn't move very fast. This is how I felt when he finally came to a stop...

a slight exaggeration but you get it.

Wednesday was a quick run in the morning and then a crazy day at work.

Thursday another trail run with Kona in the snow. Much less efficient with no traction but still fun. Then Thursday night it started to sleet. And it just kept coming down. There was thunder and lightening and sleet and it was cold, so it just froze to whatever it landed on. And then it turned to snow. It was so awesome.

Friday morning I woke up to enough snow to ski on. I got up really early cause I was so excited and went to ski the golf course before work. It was decent skiing except I was working pretty hard to get my poles into the ground. There was nobody else out that early and it was beautiful. All of a sudden I heard a super loud noise that sounded like a gunshot way off to the North. I looked around but couldn't see anyone. I skied the other way and heard another one that seemed pretty far away. I considered going back to my car but it dawned on me that maybe it was the ice under foot. I heard a more quiet pop closer to my skis and it was just like the noise you hear on a frozen lake when the ice pops and cracks. It was a little disconcerting and I was using all my memories of the golf course to remember if there were any water hazards in the vicinity (there weren't).

Anywho, finished up skiing

and saw absolutely no one else, no prints or anything other than this little guy...

whose prints led to a big old tree stump. Hope it was warm in there.

This morning I ran with Bricko before work and we were both loving it as the snow was swirling. It didn't look windy when I was getting ready to go but that changed quickly. Brick just pranced through the snow with his eyes all squinty and had a great old time.


Anonymous said...

Haha. It looks like a mouse was trying to run away from a bird or something with those tracks.

First all those satanic murders in the park with the dead deer, now hearing pseudo gun shots?!

Geez. Be safe out there KT. Don't make me worry about you.

TRI-ROB said...

Great week in review! I'm sure everyone appreciated the "gun show"! LOL! Don't you love how quiet it is in the morning when it snows?


Nebraska Knitter said...

I'm with sbrtv - Be SAFE out there. I hope you were hearing ice break up somewhere. Geez! Should you be wearing a helmet on these solo runs? (it's a family joke) Remember when I use to make you wear a helmet practically every time you went outside to play.

Benson said...

I would have gone sans-deodorant. We all suffer together.
That skiing sounds great. keep it up.

Duane said...

It sure looks cold there!

Steve Stenzel said...

58 degrees sounds AWESOME!!

Merry Christmas!!