Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hy-Vee Pics

Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of great pics this year. I was standing in a different spot (obviously, since it was a different course) and it just wasn't as good as last year.

But, regardless, here are a few of the photos I took. Enjoy.

T2 before the women came through the first time.

Greg Bennett setting up his T2 prior to the start of the men's race. Here he was talking to the crowd. There were some cute little boys in the front row who asked for his autograph and he was super nice about it and signed a bunch of things for people.

I think this is Sara McLarty and Sarah Haskins coming through leading the bike.

These last three are of Sarah Haskins running through T2. Good to see that even the pros accidentally leave their helmets on as they race through transition and head out on the run. Oops.

One of the bikes didn't get racked very well and fell over as she left transition. A race official righted it.

Emma Snowsill after the first of four(?) loops.

Emma Moffatt looking strong, trying to chase down the leader.

Julie Ertel looking ripped!

Sara McLarty in her baby blue USA race suit? A little strange but she is fast enough to pull it off.

Reed trying to get his T2 just perfect. It was funny to watch him walk back to it and pull on the rack about 3 times.

NBC camera guys.

Men on the bike.

Simon Whitfield in the red. Love that guy.

Did I mention that I was totally rooting for Simon.

Rana, Kemper and Reed running hard prior to Reed dropping out.

Henning from Denmark ran his way to another 1st place. Pretty amazing.

Here's Andy Potts trying hard to earn an Olympic slot. Unfortunately he just couldn't pull it off today.

Henning, Bennett, and Whitfield running in the lead pack.

So, it was a fun race to both race in and then watch. A long day but totally worth it.


Mark said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for posting them!!

bigmike600 said...

Really looks like that was fun. Even in pictures they all look so fast. See you in Racine. Lake is 59 degrees today but the weather is heating up so maybe it will get in the 60's. Hope Jenny and I get to meet you there.

AC said...

love you, sis...when are we going to take pictures of you as a pro? I look forward to it!

-AC (KT's brother)

Comm's said...

I am glad they kept the TA the same as last year. The 1st class transition area is awesome. To bad they all can't be that great but really, c'mon how many races are you doing with only 30 triathletes, women one day, men the next?