Friday, July 11, 2008

As Tri-Rob would say...


Time to get into race mode.

The last few weeks have been big build weeks for the Racine Half Ironman. 8+ days and counting.

Saturday -
Run 10 miles
1 hr 33 min
9:18 min/mile

90 min Bikram yoga

Sunday -
Bike 35.8 miles
2 hrs 15 min
15.85 mph avg (crazy wind)

Run 7.5 miles
1 hr 10 min
9:22 min/mile

Good solid Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with all three disciplines.
Thursday B-Fit B-Day Challenge. (See last post.)

Friday: Rest day which I took very seriously including pizza and ice cream.

Saturday: Monster brick! Just two days after my "halfway-between-HIM-and-oly-distance-challenge" I took on the biggest workout I have done to prepare for this race.

Bike 53.6 miles
3 hrs 17 mins
16.26 mph avg

Run 12 miles
2 hrs 3 mins
10:04 pace (with stopping to switch dogs and get water twice)

And then...
and ice bath. The most beautiful, wonderful, awful thing in the world.

I have to admit something here... after that last workout... yeah, I ran to the gas station to get the bags of ice because it was just too slow to walk. Ran, after 5 hours of biking and running, I ran down the street to get ice. I guess it's like driving on the interstate at 75 mph and then exiting and having to drive 35 in town. Just feels slow. Good sign I think.


blink said...

Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!

Your gonna shred Racine!

TRI-ROB said...

Geesh... I took my eye off the ball for one second and I missed 3 posts from you?! OUCH! Sorry bout that!

OK... so once you got the bags of ice... did you run back? You're a freakin animal Kate!