Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photographic evidence

I am totally not going to flat on race day. Nope, not gonna happen. Mostly because I practiced changing my tire today so that I would really be prepared. I had one moment of itty-bitty freak out (that would have resulted in tears had it been an actual race) when I couldn't get the back wheel on. I have been on several longish rides alone that would have been disastrous if I had gotten a flat because I would have panicked. I have spent many hours on my bike thinking, "please don't flat, oh please, God, do not let me flat". I feel like that is a big waste of His time so I decided to do something to help myself out, practice. :) Well, that and I am tapering... and bored.

Here are some pictures to prove that I did, in fact, make the effort and didn't just beg Mr KT to do it, again. (He did make a cheat sheet for me.)

This last one is for my mechanically inclined "little" brother. A.C, are you proud or what?


TRI-ROB said...

Hey! That is a SWEET lookin TREK ya got there!

Practice makes perfect! You definitely do not want to "Pull a Tri-Rob" and take 10-12 minutes to change a rear flat!

It won't happen tho... tires will be fine. You're going to do great!


p.s. Tapering IS boring isn't it?!

TRI-ROB said...

Uh. I just noticed. Are you sure Mr. KT did just want to show off your fanny in those pictures? It's ok. He can admit it.

Bah Ha HA! I crack me up!

AC said...

good work! way to get a little grit under those nails! =)

Mark said...

Nice job for practicing!

And yeah, concur with tri-rob. This pic belongs in the HAC thread!