Friday, July 4, 2008

After a brief hiatus...

...we're back!

So, there was a brief break in Internet usage as well as lights, refrigeration, laundry, air conditioning, and anything else requiring electricity. A week ago, a crazy storm blew through Omaha at 100+ mph. Yeah, hurricane force winds in the middle of the United States along with sideways rain, hail, and LOTS of damage. This left 200,000 homes without power lasting from a couple of hours to still a week later. We were without power for about 72 hours give or take. Basically a whole weekend. It was not a big problem as it was cool outside and we have a gas water heater. So we opened our windows, lit candles, broke out the headlamps, and ate bagels. I had to throw out everything in our fridge, and I mean everything. But I have to say that if that was the worst of the problems we had it was no big deal. Check out the damage in some of the photos below. It was unbelievable. Huge trees were completely uprooted, grass and all. The traffic lights were out at almost every intersection in the city! There were fires from down lines, accidents from people running all the 4 way stops. It was crazy. It was eerily quiet because no air conditioners were running but there were nonstop sirens from police and ambulances piercing the air.

This is the side of my car facing West after the storm blew through. Oops, should have put that in the garage.

This is a look down the street. (Yes I have to run and bike up that hill after every workout to get home.) All those "bushes" are trees and branches that are down. This was just after the storm. Everyone was outside and it got sunny. Weird.

This is the neighbors gazebo. They had a lot of damage to their garage, trees, garden, and yard.

These two are of the back alley where the transformer blew. What a mess!

This last one is of a house in the neighborhood. Three of their trees on the west side of the house were uprooted and these were HUGE trees. One of them went through their house and into a bedroom. The car in the background also got crushed flat. Unreal.

Well, we now have power back and I am going to play a little catch up with pro pics from HyVee and my B-Fit B-Day Challenge from yesterday!


Steve Stenzel said...

WOW! Those are some pics! Glad your power is back and everyone is OK!!

Mark said...

I see the storm didn't prevent you from doing that monster brick workout! Good job!!!