Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weather Girl KT says...

... let's see some sun. The midwest has been under a torrential downpour for weeks. Everything is flooded, trails, streets, bridges, fields, basements, schools, lakes, you name it. Saturated. This week alone there have been fatalities in the area on two separate days due to two different storm systems complete with hail and tornadoes. Last night it was at a Boy Scout camp across the river in Iowa. Seems so extreme.

The up-side is that the sky has been really cool. These photos are from Sunday or Monday night.

Note: Mr KT hates it when people take pictures of the sky. Hopefully he doesn't come un-glued. :)

The first three are to the north and the last one is a few minutes later to the west. It was amazing and a little scary all at the same time.


Flatman said...

Those are great photos...weird but cool. Hopefully the weather lets up for you guys soon!

Cindy Jo said...

Amazing photos. I also take pictures of the sky. Sometimes I can't believe how incredible it looks.

Last week I was flying and landing in between storms. It was so beautiful and so ominous at the same time.

Benson said...

Very cool.
Everyday, the sky is like snowflakes...always different.
I'm really hoping you get some dry time.