Saturday, June 21, 2008

Odds and ends for race weekend

Tomorrow is the 2008 Hy-Vee Triathlon. I am a little nervous about things as I was out for so many days last week due to a stomach bug but I am so excited to watch the pros (especially the women) compete for the last Olympic slot. There is a lot on the line.

I am also a little bummed that I am not at IM CdA this weekend racing or cheering on the bloggers who are racing. I won't be able to stay updated with all of that until I get home Sunday night. Hopefully, I will be home soon enough to see people cross the finish line.

Anywho, I packed up most of my gear last night, tried my borrowed wet suit on one last time (thanks E), and tried to figure out just what I was going to wear on race day. By the way, if you didn't pick that up from the wet suit comment, the swim is back on! No more stupid dry-tri.

I am headed to Des Moines this morning after a short run with Kona. Last year I didn't leave myself enough time on Saturday and I was rushing around like crazy trying to get it all figured out. This year, I am leaving in plenty of time to get to a 40 minute pre-race briefing, get my bike into transition the night before and my run gear into T2. (I think they might be separate this year.) I need to get to one of the bike/tri shops in the area for new tri shorts because I just am not all that interested in running in my briefs this year. I would also love to get a new visor but we will see. All in all it is looking like it will be a good weekend.

The only thing I really have neglected to think much about has been nutrition (go figure). Mainly, this is because I have been concentrating on what I am going to do in Racine. Olympic distance is a whole different ball game. I'll take more than enough and come up with a great plan on the way, promise. Hmmm, no wonder I have issues with race nutrition and hydration. :(

Next time, hopefully I will have pics of the pros winning an Olympic slot!

Good luck to all you cats out at CdA. I am pulling for each one of you.


Comm's said...

Wow Hy-Vee completely dropped off my info radar this year. AND its a Olympic spot. Any feedback on that.

Did they also have the massive purse for placing?

Steve Stenzel said...

How was the weekend?!?!

Cara said...

I hope the race went well for you! I'm glad they ended up bringing the swim back. My friend Mary (who lives in DSM) was filling me in on the details leading up to this. She actually opted to go race at the Bigfoot Oly in Wisconsin b/c she was so annoyed by all the changes at Hy-Vee. Maybe I can race with you there next year-- I'll be a short drive away from DSM by then!!