Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hippies? In Omaha?

Here we are, smack dab in the center of the United States, in one of the most conservative cities ever, or so it seems. Most people here just haven't picked up on the need to be eco-friendly. It makes it somewhat more of an adventure for those of us who are making that effort. (I would be willing to guess this is the case in many places.)

For instance..

the number of bike commuters is minimal and so there are very few bike lanes and motor vehicle drivers are not on the look out for cyclists.

people drive their cars three blocks to a restaurant, convenience store, church, school, gym, whatever instead of walking.

in small town Nebraska, when out for a run, people will stop you to make sure everything is ok. Apparently you are only supposed to run if you are being chased or going for help.

People use their freaking leaf blowers for everything.

Here in the Midwest, lawns are watered obsessively, even during water shortages and driveways are washed off with water from garden hoses.

Nobody is perfect, Mr KT and I have our vices, but one of the little things Mr KT has recently done to minimize our carbon footprint is to buy a "hippie mower". No gas, no electricity, no noise, the thing is really cool. It works pretty well, not quite as meticulous as the one we were using, which gave up the ghost (as my grandma used to say) but the yard looks good.

Our next door neighbors were really impressed and asked all about it. It was cheaper than a powered mower and is so quiet! Pretty cool. I have to say that it didn't get great reviews online but we are going to give it a try and see what we think. So far, so good.


Comm's said...

Plus at $4.25 a gallon gas is expensive. I just started cutting our own yard last year after several using a service. I bought a gas one but do my own stewardship in my own way.

I hope you feel better. Smart choice not doing an AR with GI distress.

BTW, I need your email. Your comments are non-reply on my end and you leave such great stuff.

blink said...

I think you just made this post to put up sexy pics of the hubby.

Dude is ripped! and now all over the internets.

how you doin? Hope your over whatever was ail'n you.

Mark said...

I completely agree with blink - stop showing off your hawt hubby ;)

Mark said...

P.S. Please don't tell him I said that!