Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disclaimer: Do not read this while eating

Psst, what? What did you say? It's been a week since my last post? Whoa, oops, sorry, I will get right on that. Geez. Where did the days go?

It is Wednesday about 11:00 a.m. I am home from work today for reasons we will get to later. Last week and this week were to be part of a nice solid build phase. That is all coming along nicely.

Last weeks totals were...

Running Summary
Runs: 6
Avg. Time: 00:52:50
Total Time: 05:17:01
Avg. Mi Pace: 9:42
Avg. Dist.: 5.4 Mi
Total Dist.: 32.6 Mi

Biking Summary
Bikes: 3
Avg. Time: 01:23:20
Total Time: 04:10:00
Avg. Speed: 15.6 MPH
Avg. Dist.: 21.7 Mi
Total Dist.: 65.2 Mi

Swimming Summary
Swims: 2
Avg. Time: 01:12:30
Total Time: 02:25:00
Avg. Dist.: 2460.5 Yd
Total Dist.: 4921.0 Yd

Total Summary
Workouts: 11
Total Time: 11:52:02
Total Dist.: 100.6 Mi

I didn't get as much time in on the bike as I would have liked due to the fact that it has been raining here every day for the last bazillion days. And not just rain but sweet thunderstorms and some not-so-sweet tornadoes. (They call it tornadic activity.) Can't really get out in that weather. I have done a little on the trainer but mainly have just been sneaking out in between and trying to keep the bikes out of the mud as best I can.

Last night was another track workout here at the university track. This time there were a few more guys (it was a tiny bit cooler, maybe mid-80s) and there were 3 girls! We did a version of the guys workout but did it without the active recovery. The workout was 1-2 mile warm up, drills on the football field, 6x800s with a 400 active recovery between each, 1-2 mile warm down. I ended up doing 4x800 and 1x400 with a more complete recovery. For some reason though, I kept falling off the back of the girls. I felt like I was constantly behind.

I couldn't figure it out. I was kicking myself because I kept thinking, "I should be able to hang at least for the first couple of 800s, or at least for a 400 of each or something!" Nope, after each one, I was doubled over trying not to puke, trying to catch my breath and slow my heart rate enough to start again. I decided it was most likely due to the big training weekend I had just completed and the 25 mile ride I had done that morning. That or I was just a lot slower than I thought.

Well, about 9 hours later I had my answer. Mr KT woke me up when he came to bed which is unusual as I can sleep through anything. I woke up several times after that feeling pretty crappy and then the storm blew in about 3:15. We got up to shut the windows (Mr KT mostly shut them and I stood there assessing how bad I actually felt). Funny, I was then up for the next hour and a half as sick as I could be. I honestly can't remember being this sick in my whole life. Why does that stuff always happen at night? I finally fell back into bed at about 5 a.m. and slept for an hour. I was then back up at 6:00 getting sick and trying to tell myself that I would be fine for work in 2 hours. Not even close. I went back to sleep for a bit, called the hospital and told them they really didn't want me there and am currently posting from a supine position in my bed. I have gotten up to get the cable to plug in my laptop and I have gotten up to run down the hall (a million times) and I may have to get up to bring the dogs in from the backyard because they are calling for more serious weather, like thunder, lightening, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. Somehow I will have to figure out how to get down two flights of stairs to the basement where I plan on laying on the couch very, very, very still.

I guess the upside is that I probably could have kept up with those girls a little better on a different day.


Benson said...

Whoa, now that sicky sounds pretty bad. On the up side, you're doing intervals to the bathroom and back. That counts as training ya know.
I really hope you get well soon and can return to the tack to kick some chick-ass on those girls to show them what you're really made of.

Jamie said...

Ouch. It is funny how sometimes it seems like our bodies know that we are getting sick before we start to notice it.

Hope you are feeling better KT! Rest up and don't get blown away by any of those storms!

Flatman said...

Get better soon... :(

Mark said...

Ugh - being sick sucks! You put in a solid week of training though!!