Thursday, June 12, 2008

An interesting development

This weekend is the big adventure race. I just hope I am eating again by then. All that throwing up took its toll. I am waiting to see if my dinner of one piece of toast with PB and honey and 2-3 oz of all natural cherry yogurt chased by 7up stays put for long enough that it actually does some good in there. That would be a fabulous thing as it would be my first substantial amount of food in 48 hours. So, 36 hours from now I will be toeing the line of a 4 hour adventure race and I was really hoping for some energy.

A week from Sunday is the World Cup HyVee Duathlon. Yeah, you read that right, DUathlon. They are calling it a Dry-Tri but you can't fake me out. I can see right through your crazy terminology. It went from an olympic distance triathlon to a 10K run, 40K bike, 5K run. That, my friends, is officially a duathlon in my book. And you know what? That is just fine. I won't do great, I won't be fast, in fact, I am gonna get creamed. And you know why? Because I need the open water swim. I need everyone else to be freaked out by swimming "that far", in the middle of a lake with a gazillion other swimmers who are grabbing on to everything they can. I need to come out of the water just a little towards the front/middle so that when everyone passes me on the bike I am still ahead of just a few people. That is not going to happen next weekend and you know what? That is just fine. Safety first. If the bacteria count in the lakes is way too high, I don't want to swim in it. If there is so much debris that it is dangerous, I don't want to swim. I haven't done a duathlon in my life and would NEVER chose to on purpose but I paid (a stiff entry fee if you want the honest truth) and have my housing arrangments settled and so I will be there. Who knows, might not be all bad.

You want to know what is ironic?

Mr KT tried to enter a local duathlon today and was denied because it was full. Yeah, he actually wants to do one and can't. Sad faces all around. :(

That is just how it goes.


Mark said...

As a good swimmer and a bad runner that is always my nightmare scenario.

Hang tough!

Cindy Jo said...

Duathlons are TOUGH - don't underestimate it.

Just try to drink as many calories as you can right now. Go to the fresh juice section of the store (often near the produce). Odwalla and Bolthouse Farms have some good, caloric dense, nutritious juices/smoothies. And bananas are usually easy on the stomach - esp. w/Nutella on bread :)

blink said...

Get a wig and a sports bra for Mr.Kt and let him run the "dry-tri" in your place.

Problem solved. ;) Please take pics.

Benson said...

I'm with you. Slow and steady runs are my M.O.
blink's idea is a good one.
My ideal triathlon would be a 3 mile swim, 20 mile bike and 2 mile run.
I hope you get well quick.