Saturday, April 5, 2008

Um, Hello...

Whoa, by the way, I have a triathlon (sprint) three weeks from today. Sneaky little sucker. I almost didn't see it coming until it was too late.

And then, the weekend after that is the Lincoln Half Marathon. I feel super ready for that. Especially since my 11 mile run today where I ran 9:14 mins/mile. I have a bunch of friends who are running so I am sure I will see people that I know. One of my good friends from PT school will be coming in from Kansas City to run and we have kind of planned on using the "race" to chat and catch up for a couple of hours. Not really racing, but just a nice medium paced long run. I think that my goal is going to be for 9 min/mile splits. (E, I know, that is too slow. Depends on how I feel, maybe I will pick it up a bit at the end.) =0)

Also, work is going good. Two jobs and training is taking its toll but as soon as school lets out in the middle of May, things will calm down a little. I am seeing some really interesting kiddos at my new job and although I had to go in this morning, I really enjoy my time at the hospital. It is such a great feeling when you convince a little one who feels too yucky to do anything to try something and they forget just for a little bit that they are sick. At the same time they are doing something good for them even though the therapist made it into a game. My body and brain are exhausted at the end of the day but I get home and get my workouts and my dinner in and life is good.

So, I also have a new favorite website. It is a Pearl Izumi website and basically they slam on "joggers" and I think it is hilarious.

Some examples of the wallpaper. Pearl Izumi's creative directors rock.

You can build your own postcards and get wallpaper for your computer and other things like that. It freakin rocks. I am in the process of really wanting to be a faster runner. Especially off the bike. I am doing tempo runs and long runs and medium distance runs, and bricks, and hoping for some track workouts soon. (E did you catch that!?) So, I suppose that contradicts the statement I made above about the 9 minute miles I was considering for the half. I sort of, maybe, need to make that 8:somethings. We will just have to see.

P.S. Check the comments section, but Danielle posted a comment about 5 seconds after I put up the post that was very insightful. I just wanted to acknowledge her comment quickly. (Danielle, I also sent this to you in an email almost word for word.)

Yeah, I have seen these ads around for awhile, I just hadn't checked out the site. Lol, I actually don't buy any Pearl Izumi stuff really. I totally get what she is saying, because there are things that I don't agree with but my Bachelor's degree in advertising tells me that sometimes that is what it takes to get people to pay attention. (Yet another reason I didn't stick with that profession.) The ad team had a target demographic they were shooting for and I am guessing that they hit it dead on. (I am guessing the demo was male. No offense to those of you out there who cringed at that.) Anywho, it is the ad campaign and the branding and the creativity that I was impressed with. I like how they were trying to say that running is a mentality and that speed doesn't necessarily matter. (You have to read pretty far in their website to get to that part.) Obviously, that wasn't the main message.

I am super glad she wrote what she did. Always glad to have another opinion.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I hate that ad campaign. I think it is very negative towards people who don't meet their definition of a "runner" and portrays a complete elitist attitude towards running that does no one any good. I have started avoiding Pearl Izumi products because of it (the campaign has been around for a year or so).

I hope your swim isn't outside! Brrr!

TRI-ROB said...

You rock KT! Thanks for being so committed to helping those kids! You're a gem!

The world of "fast runners" is limited by ego. This is exactly why we all gravitate toward triathlon... even the really fast guys are nice to us "less than elites"


Jamie said...

I've always liked that campaign. I could see how some might be offended or see it as condescending, but I choose not to take it too seriously.

I love the one that says "ever notice how it's always runners who find dead bodies?"
That is my favorite. :-)

Anonymous said...

i'll never jog again unless im puking on my shoes!

Steve Stenzel said...

That's a funny site! Great wallpapers! (but I hear what Danielle is throwing down too...)