Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speed work hurts...

but it is a good hurt. I think.

Did my first track workout of the season tonight. I switched up all my workouts this week because it was going to be so nice out today. Yoga to Thursday night, easy bike to this morning, track workout to tonight, tempo bike in the afternoon tomorrow, blah, blah, blah.

So E told me to do 5x1K track repeats with :90 RI. I was to complete them between 4:35 and 4:45. Absolutely no slower than 4:45 were the instructions I was given. Oh yeah, and hold your pace.

So here was the workout
1 mile warm up
1K - 4:33 (7:19 min/mile)
1K - 4:25 (7:06 min/mile)
1K - 4:28 (7:11 min/mile)
1K - 4:30 (7:14 min/mile)
1K - 4:33 (7:19 min/mile)
.75 mile warm down

for a 4.76 mile workout

By the way, those are pretty good splits for me, but I sure hope they get faster. I usually run my long runs at a 9:15ish pace.


SUB6 said...

Impressive K splits! :)

Danielle in Iowa said...

1K repeats.

That sounds like it hurts.

Great job!

blink140pnt6 said...


Jamie said...

Nice Job KT!

For some reason I've never thought of 1k repeats, I'm going to have to try some of that next week.

TRI-ROB said...

HEY SPEEDY! Those are ALL sub-8 min miles! VERY good! Think about how early you are in your season... you should be tickled pink!