Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Papillion Mayor's Triathlon

Race report as per request of Blink!

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

This was a small local sprint about 30 minutes from my house. It was a fairly well run race, and I really can't complain as I had a really good morning.

The race had a later start time of 8:15 am. I had plenty of time in transition and had a great spot right next to the bike in.

The swim was 500 meters, three right hand turns around the buoys. I started at the front of the pack and swam a moderate pace with very little sighting. Right on course. Swim time: approximately 9:15 in the water. We didn't have timing chips and so most of these times are estimated but I think they are pretty close. I came out the water 2nd female.

About 1:00 in T1. Nothing extra, no socks, shoes clipped in. This last part cost me some time. Usually this is no problem but when I went to put my left foot in, I jammed the tongue of my shoe down into the shoe. I eventually had to stop and fix this problem and then get up and hammer. All in all, by the time I messed around trying to get my foot in, stopped, fixed the problem and started again I probably lost :45. That was when Theresa went by me. I kept her in sight for 2 1/2 loops of the bike course and then lost her. Bike was three loops of what I would consider technical. Several places where you had to thread the needle through concrete parking barriers (these areas tended to bottle neck), two 90 degree turns on a sidewalk with a fence on one side, mini switchbacks up the side of the hill to get out of the Recreation Area, and then a bunch of rolling hills. The course felt good on the first loop but on the second loop when I started catching up to people who were still on their first things got a little more tedious. I also think that the bike course was short. It was supposed to be 15 miles but my bike computer came up with 13 or so. Bike time: 41:40. Average speed: 21.6 mph if 15 mile course, 18.9 if 13 miles. So at this point Mary is way out ahead, Theresa passed me on the first loop. Heather passed me on the very last climb, and Tami tried to pass me and I shut her down on the way down to to T2.

T2: Uneventful, approximately :45.

Run: I was sitting in 4th going into the run. I caught up with Heather and she and I paced off each other. We never caught the other three gals ahead of us but we did cheer them on when we saw them coming back. The run was uphill to the turn around and then downhill on the way back to the finish which was pretty nice. My run time was an estimated 24:45 which comes to about a 7:57 pace. This may be a little optimistic but close.

Overall time: 1:17:29
1st out of 13 in age group
4th out of 53 women
28/136 overall

I really need to find 3 more minutes to beat Theresa!

Results are here.


Kona with the bling.

Alright, next is Ironhorse in North Platte on Saturday.
Ready, set, race!


blink140pnt6 said...

Nice BLING! Great race.

1st overall next weekend, RIGHT!

Duane said...

Great race! Nice bike too! See you in Nebraska!

Tri-Dummy said...

Well DONE! See you in a couple of dayz!!!

TRI-ROB said...

Dude... you rocked it! Kona actually looks proud of her Mommy! That bike course sounded like a complete pain in the A**! Nicely done!

KT's brother said...

Congrats on the hardware sis!

TRI-ROB said...

DUDE! I'm TOTALLY coming to NB to do a nekkid brick in the corn fields! Be afraid... be very VERY afraid!

bigmike600 said...

First time to your blog. Impressive. You are really fast. Plus I love your dog. Is that a brittney spaniel? I have 2 springer spaniels that look a lot like that only are a little darker in color. Nice blog and great race times. Good Luck at the Ironhorse. I will continue to read your blog as you are a good writer.

Bigun said...

Kona looks pretty happy with the new bling - I think it's not coming off! You'll get dem other could always get Dummy to take a bat to their knees...oh wait, that's been done before...well, the Dumster's probably not that origional anyway.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

wow! great times on the race. Can't wait to see your results for the Ironhorse!
Kona is too cute!! Loves the puppy shots!!

rueschmike said...

I second Duane's comment. That is a sweet bike. Looks like speedplay pedals. Congrats on the results.

J-Wim said...

What a gorgeous puppy! I am a total sucker for spaniels, have 2 ESS pups myself (liver/white).
GReat race!