Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last weekend catch up

Oops, somehow time seems to slip away.

I meant to write a quick post about last Sunday but now all of a sudden it is Thursday and it doesn't seem so fresh in my mind.

Anywho, last Sunday, Mr KT and I did the Corporate Cycling Challenge on my company's team. We rode a 42 mile "hilly" route to Fort Calhoun and back to downtown Omaha. It was a nice ride even though he dropped me within the first mile. I mean if you ask me, 18 mph is fast enough for a 40 mile ride. =0) It was a nice ride with some rollers and some pretty good wind. We got home and went for a 3 mile run with the dogs together which was really fun. Nice easy pace, or as easy as it can be with 2 Brittany pups pulling on you.

Later that afternoon we headed out to the driving range to hit some range balls. That was a pretty fun time. Mr KT just got a set of clubs and was stoked to try them out. It went pretty well and we were tired by the time we both hit a bucket (80 some balls).

The next couple of days I was pretty darn sore from... you guessed it... swinging the golf club. My intercostals and obliques were screaming at me to do more core work which I will be incorporating after the race season is over.

This coming weekend we are headed to Lee Summit, MO for a race. I will be doing the Sprint distance tri and he will be competing in the duathlon. I just could NOT end my season with Big Creek. It was so awful. So, I am looking for some redemption. I am looking forward to this short little sprint.

More to come on the race early next week.