Saturday, July 7, 2007

Run for Justin 2007

Thanks so much to everyone for all the nice comments and emails I received after the last post. That was so nice of you all.

Ok, this morning my husband and I ran a local 5K race. The race has been run every year to honor a young man that graduated from high school in my husband's class. He was an avid and passionate runner who had just signed up to run for Team in Training when he was accidentally hit and killed but a police car in 2004. Justin loved to run and ran the 2003 Chicago Marathon. His family found his running journals after he was killed and they all started running to honor his memory. The family has put on this run three years now and each year it gets bigger and better. There were about 500 runners and walkers there this morning. Pretty good for Nebraska.

It was a REALLY HOT morning, 93 F as we were coming home in the car. There is very little shade at the park we were running at and so it was a bit brutal but it was only a 5K, so it was alright to push it.

We did see some of my husbands friends at the race. Guys he hadn't seen in quite a while. He finished in 19:30ish (3rd out of 42 in his age group) and I came in about 6 minutes later at 25:00ish (2nd out of 41 in my age group). I had to sprint like crazy for the finish line because I knew there was someone right on my heels and sure enough she was in my age group.

It was a good race. A little more difficult that the 5K I did a couple of weeks age. Much hotter and with 2-3 good hills. There were also more bodies to maneuver around. I didn't feel as good as I did last race I think because I had been down for the count earlier in the week but really pulled it off.

Wanted to close this post with a picture of my big man, Brick, chillin in his new pool. This was after a run earlier in the week. When he first saw it I could see the wheels turning. He was thinking, "that is the biggest water dish I have ever seen. I can't drink all that!" But he made a valiant attempt and was well hydrated for the next few hours anyway.

Have a nice weekend all!


Duane said...

Hi KT! Nice race! Jay (Tri-Dummy) got me interested in the Ironhorse! I am going to do it and hopefully my daughter Kelly too!

Duane said...

Thanks for the comment on Kelly's blog! I am sooo proud.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

KT, I think that is such a wonderful way to honor an old friend's memory. In addition, 500 people, wow!!Amazing how everyday we discover such great folks standing (in this case running) right next to us.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of Brick chillin in the pool. He would love our back yard, talk about a big water bowl, 13 acres of water bowl!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I meant to say thanks before, but the days got away from me. Have a great weekend.

Cindy Jo said...

What a great way to hold onto someone's memory - picking up the sport they loved.

Great job running in the heat - it is SO much harder once it gets that hot.

TRI-ROB said...

Hi KT! I'm really glad to hear that you're starting to feel better! I just HAD to comment on Brick! He looks like a COMPLETELY happy pup pup! NICE!