Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Well, I am finally back to feeling close to myself. I had a touch of food poisoning or something for the last three days but am feeling better. Yuck. Patrick flew home from Alaska yesterday (just in time for my birthday)and will probably sleep for the next week or so. =0)

It is amazing how much of a damper a few stomach issues can put on your training. I got three unplanned rest days because I was running on ZERO calories for at least 48 hours. I tried to run the dogs around the block on the mountain bike rigged up for just that purpose. I was exhausted after about 8 minutes. I knew that running was out of the question. I am slowly adding calories (careful... careful) and am hoping to do a short easy run this evening. We are running a 5K race on Saturday in memory of a classmate of Patrick's that was hit and killed by a police car a few years ago. No need to bust my behind, but I would like to be competitive.

So everyone... have a fun, safe, happy 4th of July and enjoy being outside with people you love.


Duane said...

Happy 4th and hope your 5k goes well

Tri-Dummy said...

Good luck w/the race!!