Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Rest of the Story/Season...

Gotta Love Paul Harvey...

I have been contemplating the rest of my race season. I have the Papillion Mayor's Sprint Tri on July 28th and am hoping to get to Lincoln to cheer on a buddy at the Cornhusker State Games on the 29th. Here is where the problem lies. I want to do two races on August 12th, one is the Big Creek Olympic Tri in Des Moines, IA and the other is the Ironhorse Sprint in North Platte, NE. I am torn. I want to go to Des Moines and race with some of the cool people I have met through the HyVee Triathlon but there are a handful of people (mostly bloggers) that I want to meet in North Platte. My favorite super Clydesdale, Duane, is racing and I am not positive but I was wondering if Tri-Dummy would be around or if he has another race that weekend. (I haven't checked his race calendar.) A tough decision. One is a sprint the other is an Olympic. The entry fees are similar and I am pretty sure that the race in Iowa is closer in distance to where I live. I will ponder that little quandary and keep you all posted. I know, the suspense is killing you all.

After that, it is probably going to be the Jackson County Tri in Lee Summit, MO. My husband's dad is involved in getting this race all set up and so I think that I am going to do the Oly and he will do the Sprint. Haven't fully decided. I am also planning on doing a half marathon in October but I haven't decided for sure on that either. Look at me being Miss Decisive (note the sarcasm).

Hope you all had a great weekend. Stay cool with this weather!

Good day.


Danielle in Iowa said...

I just signed up for Big Creek - my first Oly. I am a bit freaked out!