Friday, May 1, 2009

Lincoln Half Marathon

The Lincoln Half Marathon is Sunday! Yay, yay, double yay. I am so ready to do a little racing, well, running. I am looking forward to a nice run and then maybe if I get really motivated I will come home and do a medium distance bike ride. That was the plan last year as well. Hopefully it is nice out.

My mom and dad came and cheered last year at about the midpoint of the run. My mom thought maybe they would do that again. I promised her I would try to post the race route on the blog. Here ya go momma. (Mom, if you click on it, it will get bigger.)

After the half marathon is over I am going to start in on the P90X workouts that Mr KT has been doing. He said he has been really sore and that they are like crossfit workouts. I am looking forward to a little sore!

Oh, and the stinking pool is closed for at least a month and a half. Really, right before race season starts? Boo. Stupid pool. Oh well, more time to bike which is what I really need anyway.


CheriSmurph said...

Shane and I did P90X about a year ago and it is a tough workout! We really liked it though and are going to start up again in about a month. Looking forward to seeing how you like it and how sore you get :O)