Sunday, April 26, 2009

My dogs entertain me regularly

This has nothing to do with triathlon except that all the dirty clothes in the background are probably workout clothes. Question mark? I was in the process of doing laundry so the bedroom is a mess as I sorted the clothes. Despite that, I thought this was funny enough to post. Might want to turn down your volume a bit. Hee hee. Also sorry about the shaking. I was laughing pretty hard when I was video taping them.

They were conversing about a bone that Kona had and Brick thought he needed.


AC said...

brick "awwwwww, cmon, gimmie da bone....pleeeeeeeeeeease!"
kona "noooo, brick, it's minnnnnnnne!"

hehe, how do they like the new chair?

robert said...

Our dog Ozzie did not know what to make of Kona and Brick's "conversation". Funny stuff. Your earlier puddle jumping post inspired me to do some of mine own this morning in a race. Thanks. It was worth it.

J-Wim said...

that is just too cute. Thanks for the laugh!

Jamie, Adriane and Olivia said...

Ha! Bart's ears perked right up and he decided to talk back!

Benson said...

Holy coyotes!
That was awesome.
My dog came running when I played it.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I'm totally laughing right now. I just played your video and my doggies started barking & came running into my office. Too funny!