Monday, March 30, 2009


So other than the Lincoln Half Marathon (in about a month) I really don't have anything to train for.


I think that Border 2 Border is out due mostly to the expense of a two man team. Blink is the perfect teammate if he stays out of race mode. ;) But we lost the other two potential racers and that doubled the cost.


I had a pretty darn good 10 mile run on Sunday morning. I ran with Koni and we did a 10 mile out and back in 1:30. That would be 8:34 per mile. Not a bad run.

I have re-discovered that I *heart* running. I love it, really. Especially when I can run with that cute little orange and white behind in front of me. (That would be Kona in case you were confused.)

Um, yeah, yesterday... well I had kind of a busy day. I ran in the morning, like I said and then I did a fundraising walk for our church with Mr KT and the doggies. Then after I got home, a friend called and wanted to go ride the hills north of town. Ok, I'm in. As I told Blink, I kind of always forget how rough those first few rides of the season are outside. Nothing like the trainer, not that I have spent much time on that either. Hee hee. Then I went to youth group dinner with Mr KT and a bazillion high school kids and then home to finish the laundry.

This is how Mr KT found me at 8:45 last night when he came up to see what was going on...

Hey, at least they were folded!

I was tired.

You know what I just realized? It is March and I can already see my cycling short tan lines. Awesome.


Jamie said...

Did you fall asleep on the floor right next to the bed? That is too funny.

Really nice running too! I'm very jealous.

But glad to hear that Blink is still alive and kickn'. Haven't heard any peeps from him since the blog died.

Tell him I said "hey."

Oly said...

Thats how I fall asleep most every night.

Except when I do the "super sneak" up onto the bed. :)


Benson said...

Sorry about the suck(s).
Good run.
Very funny pics of you curled up with the towels.