Monday, March 2, 2009

And you thought Nebraska was flat.

This last weekend was PERFECT for skiing. Sadly, I was on call at the hospital and had to work both Saturday and Sunday but I definitely found time to get in enough skiing to tide me over. Saturday I went out in the afternoon for about an hour and a half. It could not have been more perfect. The air was cold but the sun was out. There was little wind. The snow was powdery and wonderful. It was heaven on two skis. :)

Sunday I headed back out for a couple more loops. It was even nicer but for some reason that first day was just slightly more perfect. I adore being outside in the cold air. I love the snow. I felt comfortable on my skis. If only I had a doggy that wouldn't pull so hard. I could have taken them with me. Oh well, they got a run in and a walk across the back nine.

Also, I came home from work on Saturday to find this...

That would be Mr KT's backside and Kona watching him in the backyard.

This would be the babies (first two Kona, third one both) in the "igloo". They did eventually go in and play.


Jamie, Adriane and Olivia said...

That Igloo is way too cool! I am jealous. We had 72 today and will have 76 tomorrow.

AC said...

tell p that I i think his snow cave kicks ass.

Drew Holmes said...

sorry but still looks flat.....I know been there and now I am here :)