Saturday, May 31, 2008

The week in review

Well, it was a restful recovery week here in Omaha.

After tomorrow, I will have gotten in about 7 hours (oops) of light training. Nothing substantial. I am looking forward to kicking it back into gear for a couple of weeks and then a one week taper for the HyVee Olympic race. That is going to be awesome.

Monday was an easy ride with a buddy. It was his first ride back in the saddle after back surgery and he did fantastic. He is officially back to schooling me in the pool and the 25 mile ride was a piece of cake for him. (Although I think he was a little wiped out the next day.) During that ride, I managed to get pooped on. I know, super gross. I was up out of my aero bars coming across a bridge (thank goodness) and I felt something hit my right quad. I thought, wow, that was a big bug but when I looked down it was definitely bird doo doo. Yuck. I have never been pooped on before so I suppose it was my turn. After the ride, I went out and did a little brick run because the weather was so nice.

Tuesday was a nice easy run with Mr KT and one of the youth group kids.

Wednesday and Thursday were off days. Mr KT ran on Wednesday and he texted me a very odd picture that took me a while to make out. It ended up being a picture of a very large amount of bird poo on his shorts. He got pooped on too! He said that he had never been pooped on either. The KT family must have targets on their heads.

Friday was a short swim in the morning and then a run in the afternoon. My ipod was resetting itself over and over and over. I was annoyed because I like to use the Nike+ feature.

This morning we did a 20 mile easy ride with a couple of TT loops at the end. The weather was perfect! After all the rain we have had it was nice to be outside with the sun shining.

Tomorrow I am thinking of doing another bike ride and hopefully will get a chance to meet up with Blink and do a short run. We will see. Life sometimes gets in the way, you know?

Anywho, two weeks intense training culminating in... an adventure race! Yay, I am looking forward to it. My goal is not just to finish, but to not get poison ivy in the process. Feel free to ask Mr KT about that. He is currently a little itchy from putting up a fence around the lagoon at his parent's house in Missouri. Oops.

That's the week (training-wise) in a nut-shell. Later all!


J-Wim said...

I like to ask for no nettles or poison parsnip too when we are in the woods. they sting like crazy and I seem to be a magnet.

moonpie said...

I once heard a story of a guy driving along in a convertible and he got hit in the face with a burrito. He looked up, and saw a seagull flying away, so HAD to assume the seagull dropped it. LOL. The moral of the story, bird poop isn't always bad ;)

Give blink a high 5 for me if you see him!

Benson said...

Oh ick! being pooped on is no fun. It is kinda funny that you and Mr. KT got bombed by fowl. My cousin is a ER nurse and had a biker come it that got clipped in the head by a duck. the WHOLE DUCK. not just the poop.

blink140pnt6 said...

The family that gets pooped on together stays together. :)

Sorry we weren't able to meet up this weekend. Fingers crossed for the Taco ride.

Nice week BTW.

Jamie said...

HAHA. You got pooped on. That is hilarious.

I'm sorry. That was mean.... At least you were on your bike and no one probably saw and you were probably going fast enough not to smell it, right?
A thin silver lining, but a silver lining none the less. :-)