Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not exactly as I planned, but...

Today it's sunny and cool with a pretty good wind from the NW but yesterday... whoa.

Let me give you a quick recap. Keep in mind it really wasn't a bad day, more just a comedy of errors. I wasn't even grouchy by the time bedtime finally rolled around!

So, I woke up a little later and lounged around in my jammies. Had a long run scheduled and nothing else. Yay. It was raining and gray and windy and I was enjoying the peace and quiet. My pager pulled me out of my laziness by going off three times in about 5 minutes. I pulled my clothes on and buzzed over to the hospital to see a few patients and then back home. After that Mr KT and I went out in the freaking down pour to look for patio furniture that I have been bugging him about. We went and got groceries so that we could eat something other than ketchup for dinner. We came home and I got Kona ready to run. I had kinda been waiting all day for the rain to let up a little. I don't mind running in the rain but I don't love being soaking wet 30 sec after I step out the door. No dice. A 9.15 mile, out and back run in the pouring rain. Ran the first half in 43:30 and the second half in 39:30. Had a headwind on the way home as well as a sweet stomach ache but still managed that negative split. Whoo hoo. Came home jumped in the shower with Kona. (We were both quite a mess as you might imagine.) When I got done, Mr KT was attempting to put together a new ceiling fan for our bedroom. Yikes, not going so well. As he was doing that, I managed to knock one of the high efficiency light bulbs off the dresser and of course it fell and shattered in my underwear and sock drawer. I feel like that is a good sized problem. As my brother so kindly pointed out, that could make for a very embarrassing trip to the emergency room for stitches, not to mention some time away from the bike saddle. So, gonna have to shake all that out and wash an extra load today I reckon. After that I managed to burn dinner and set the smoke detector off. To my credit though, the smoke detector goes off even when things aren't burning. I mean who puts the smoke detector 3 feet away from the stove top? Really, I don't stand a chance on that one. I salvaged what I could of dinner and went up to "help" Mr KT finish cussing at the ceiling fan. Well, at least the lights turn on, who really needs the blades to spin around, right?


TRI-ROB said...

Good run girly! You're gonna go and get fast on us this season aren't you? Huh? Yeah... that's what I thought.

Glass in the underwear drawer?! Gives a whole new meaning to pain in the ass... sorry... someone was going to say that and it might as well have been me.


J-Wim said...

Nice Run.
My boss called me at home once as i was finihsing u dinner. The kids were little nd helped me by answering the phone. When my boss heard the smoke detector alarming, she asked if mommy needed help with anything. THey said "No, that bell just means dinner's done."
I am still living that one down! :-)

blink140pnt6 said...

Holy cow. What a day to remember.

It was snowing in N.P. yesterday when I left the pool and that was just about enough to make me mad. Snowing on May 10th... Uggggg!

Nice job on your run btw.

SUB6 said...

Amazing how funny other people's comedy of errors are :) haha.

Great run btw

Ryan said...

Really Doc!

I sat on a lightbulb.


"we've heard it all mam."

Danielle in Iowa said...

Woah, way to negative split that mofo!