Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Let's play a little catch up on the workouts.

Sunday - 3 hour trainer ride (48 miles?) followed by 30 minute run
- I watched Juno and Extreme Home Makeover
- The ride went like this... pedal, eat, get sick, repeat
- The run was better but sloshy stomach

Monday - Got up at 5:30 and lifted weights and took the evening off

Tuesday - Got up at 5:30 and went for a sweet early morning bike ride with Mr KT.
- He acted all grouchy when I tried to make any comments to him and he had to take out his ear bud. (I know, life is hard.) So I made a mental list of some of the goofy things I was thinking about. In no particular order, here are a few of them...

1. Isn't it odd how it is hard to tell if birds are fighting or making babies?!
2. No offense but cycling capris for men are weird.
3. Hamstrings and backs don't love being crunched up in the aero position so soon after getting out of bed.
4. I love riding in the morning. I don't want my sunglasses on, I like the morning colors. I don't want my ipod in, I like the morning sounds. I should do this more often.
- Swam at local pool while my regular pool is closed for a whole freaking month. The water was 86 degrees and the air temp was way warmer. I chose the lane next to the open door and the water was steaming. I actually got out and wrapped a towel around me and walked outside (43 degrees) and drove home like that because I was so freaking hot. Disgusting.
-So this week is ride your bike to work week. I rode my road bike to the hospital and it took me half as much time as it does to drive, park, and walk! I dug it and will be riding most Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from here on out. The down side... (Mom, if you are reading this, it might be in your best interest to skip to the next paragraph!) I came within 5 cm of having a very bad close encounter with a city bus. Mr KT "picked me up" on his way home. He had both dogs in the baby trailer and we had to ride on the sidewalk of a VERY, VERY busy street for about 2 blocks before hitting the bike trail. I crossed the street to him and then we headed down towards the trail. I was on my road bike and he was on his cross bike. I headed across a street, thought there was a curb cut out, of course there wasn't and the choices were slam my front tire into the curb and either bend my wheel or wreck or both, or swerve around into the very edge of the street and brake. I quick looked over my shoulder, saw the bus coming and slammed on my brakes. I skidded to a stop and literally had to lean to my right so as not to touch the side of the bus as it went by. Super scary! I can bunny hop curbs but I didn't see it until it was too late. Mr KT wasn't very happy either, not because of my brush with serious injury but because he can't stop quickly with a load of dogs behind him. Oops, well, that won't happen again because I will be riding on the other side of the street. That is a super weird intersection and I can definitely avoid that spot.


J-Wim said...

I loved Juno. Hum the songs all the time. I describe it to others as Napoleon Dynamite gets pregnant.

Close call with that bus! Take care out there!

PS- we will be at Spirit of Racine this summer too, hope to see you there!

blink140pnt6 said...

Glad you didn't become a billboard on the bus. Don't think that would have been much fun.

I have to agree with you that cycling capris for men are weird, nay, gay.

Have a good weekend, weather should be awesome.

Jamie said...

Wow, glad you made it out of the at one Katie! Close calls are not cool.

I don't own any capris, but I do love my knee warmers. I hope those are acceptable even though they are pretty close to capris. :-)