Sunday, February 17, 2008

When Good Shoes Go Bad

As I have written before, I love Asics running shoes. Specifically the Gel Nimbus variety. I have had pairs in blue, green, orange, purple, you name it, sometimes multiple pairs in the same color. I posted a while back on the ugliest shoes ever, yes that would be my root beer/latte colored Asics. I should have known better. Any shoes that ugly cannot do good things to your feet. I have blisters across the tops of two of my toes on the right foot and serious inflammation at the insertion of my plantar fascia on the bottom of my left heel. NOT GOOD. I did my long run yesterday, 7.15 miles in 1:08:56, at about a 9:30 pace. Not bad, I was having a little tenderness on the bottom of my foot and my hamstring was tweaking a little bit but not a bad run. I really felt pretty darn good. After I got home though, yikes. It hasn't stopped hurting since then. I can live with blisters, eventually you toughen up to those but this inflammation stinks. I really haven't increased my mileage or changed my routes. Maybe it is all in my head but I HATE my shoes. I asked the guys at the local running store and they said that Asics didn't really change this model from last year. I am just wondering if I got a dud pair. Blast! I am not all that interested in paying for another pair. These only have about 65 miles on them. However, better than having to take time off for injury or the medical bills that I could potentially incur. Annoying. Is that even possible for a pair of shoes to just plain suck. So, here is my plea. Asics, make a pair of red women's shoes. I guarantee they would be better. Trust me.

Editor's note: After more looking more closely at my training log I realized that I ran...

week of 01.27.08 - 13.09 miles
week of 02.03.08 - 7.52 miles
week of 02.10.08 (last week) - 20.35 miles

My long run last week got changed to Sunday and then I did my next long run the following Saturday. So, I suppose that I should stop blaming my shoes (although I still don't love them or think they are great) and reevaluate my training. Who here thinks that might be a bit more than a 10% increase? Yeah, that's what I thought. Self proclaimed dork.


Jameson said...

Ouch. I feel your pain.

If only they could figure out how to make a pair of shoes to last for a few years.

Every time I come back from the running shoe store, I feel like I'm taking a big gamble.

TRI-ROB said...

Yeah... red girl shoes would be WAY better! Still... not bad runnin Dude!

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that proclaims him/herself a dork....

tri-dogmom said...

Oh, I hope it's not the shoes! I just started running in those same ones. They seem to be working great with me!

blink140pnt6 said...

you just need to cowgirl up and do what ultra runners do.

duct tape your feet.

it's sexy, really. Mr. Kt will love it.

Benson said...

OK, here's my advice.
I used to have asics nimbus too and my left foot got really bad and I had PF coming on. I had my stride analized and my feet are now much happier in adidas boston classic for longer training runs.
Get your stride and gate analized by someone who knows their $#!t and really knows running shoes. it worked for me. It's a fine line matching specific shoes to your running style. Maybe you have contacts through your PT network. email me for more details if you like.

Ryan said...

Maybe try this:

I should preface that I use NB shoes though.

I have contacted the company and expressed my concern that I may have a pair of "duds." After all the quality assurance BS I had to listen to, I finally received a replacement pair as well as a coupon for a free next pair.

Good luck!

TRI-ROB said...

I have nothing clever to say... I just wanted to show off my new profile picture... I"m dead sexahy!

Steve Stenzel said...

Racking up those miles!! Nice job!!!

blink140pnt6 said...

Duct tape now comes in red too.