Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wait... what?!

I had this weird feeling while I was running yesterday afternoon. It was about 3:30 pm and I was running thru the University campus to get to the loop I like to run. It is February and we live in the midwest so I had on running tights on the bottom half and a tank top and a long sleeve t-shirt on the top half with arm warmers for good measure, and my Nike stocking cap to top it off. This is minimal compared to the layers I usually wear this time of year. I was running with my husband and our two dogs when I said to him, "I feel weird".

He looked at me funny (although he would be the first to admit that he is used to me and my strange comments) and said "what?"

I said, "I think I might be hot but I can't be sure."

He just laughed and I am sure he was thinking, "I told you not to wear those tights!"

The same thing happened today when I went out in my shorts, tank top, and long sleeve t-shirt. So, yup, pretty sure I was warm. I checked the weather when I got home and said that it was 47º (feels like 42º) with an 11 mph wind. Yay, I will take it. That is about 70º warmer than last Wednesday when they called off school because of the wind chill. =0)

Granted, it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow but I will sneak those days in whenever I can. Even our dogs have been eatting it up. They spent the entire weekend outside. Everytime I would offer to let them in, they would come over peek in the door and then turn around and go back to their sunny spots. Smart babies! Even nicer, is that they then crash out in the evenings because they aren't used to being awake all day. I just love them.


blink140pnt6 said...

Ohh sure, rub it in. I had to work both days.

Taconite Boy said...

Whatever blink. We've barely made it above 30 around here. Even If I had all my days off it's on the trainer right now.

Glad you had a good (but hot) ride


tri-dogmom said...

Oh, that is too cute! My dogs love sitting out in the sun too.. BUT they don't like it when they are PUT out there, so if I leave the door open they'll bask in the sun.. but if the door is closed, they'll sit there and wait to come back in. They really are "velcro" dogs!