Saturday, February 2, 2008

February Rally

Well, my motivation these last two weeks has been rather low. I am struggling to get up in the morning and go for my run, which is so unlike me. That first plunge into the pool has been tricky and my trainer is gathering dust. I have just felt off. Usually I don't mind this time of year, but for some reason this year I find myself wishing for more sunshine for both the warmth and the light at both ends of the day. I have seriously had dreams about riding my bike on the highways with the sun shining down and I can tell you with certainty that I wasn't wearing 50 layers of clothing.

Conveniently yesterday was the first day of February. New month, new motivation. I reloaded my ipod with different stuff (leaving room, of course, for my favorite podcasts) and headed out the door this afternoon for a run, not long, not short, not tempo, not anything... just a run. I accidently threw my running tights in the wash this morning and they weren't dry so I cowgirled up and wore shorts. It was 23 degrees but I didn't look at that until I got back. Kona and I headed out for a run with no time and no distance in mind. 4 miles (and a 9:45 pace) later we cruised back into the driveway, feeling much better. I mean, I have still been running, but without much enthusiasm. This is just not in my nature. So, with a "glass-half-full" kind of approach I am going to go look at my new Triathlete magazine until I just can't take it anymore and I have to go workout again.

Happy February everyone.

P.S. Blinkster. I am thinking about you today and channeling you strength and patience! I know that you are doing great.


Benson said...

Good on ya for just getting out and doing it. Kona loves you for it too.
Dang! you're tough. 23 degrees in shorts? holy goose bumps KT.

Keep dreaming of the warm sunny days. they are coming. believe it.

blink140pnt6 said...

Thanks for the channel, it must have worked. :)

I think his winter has been rougher than most because it just won't quit, I mean we usualy get a warm up or two. I could take one right about now!

Fill that glass up baby, springs around the corner! Cheers!

TRI-ROB said...

Hey DUDE! You just took the first step toward defeating the winter hum-drums... ya wrote about it! Don't you feel better now? Be patient... the motivation will bounce back as soon as you're ready for it... don't force it!


fred said...


Anonymous said...

Dear "machine". FYI, you left us alone with SwimZilla on Thursday. Here's what you missed.
Warm up 600
20 x 50 on the :40 (missed on the 15th and moved to :45)

10 x 100 pull on the 1:40

6 x 50 sprints on the 2:30 (almost won me $130).

Warm drown. LFSB