Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ride for the Cure

Last weekend was the 5K, this weekend was the bike ride for breast cancer awareness. Mr KT and I were pre-registered. It was a gray, 58º, drizzly day and we had had a ton of rain the night before. We headed over to the Trek Store about 4 miles from our house. I managed to flat on the way there. A teeny-tiny piece of glass was embedded in my tire. Mr KT whipped that rear wheel right off and changed the tube like a pro. He was my own personal SAG support. (I did have all the necessary extras in my bike bag!)He reminded me to try and avoid the gravel as best I could because that is hard on tires. We got to the store a bit late. We signed the, I-will-not-sue-you-if-I-wreck-and-I-understand-that-cycling-
is-inherently-dangerous waiver, had them top off my tire pressure and headed out to catch up with the group. I think I have been riding with my husband too much. I have caved to his philosophy that if it doesn't hurt, you aren't riding fast enough. This was supposed to be a friendly, mostly women, 25 mile ride. Unfortunately, they put a number on my bike. That was like flipping a switch. Apparently, I have a bit of a competitive drive. =0) We were stuck in the back, trying to pass large groups of women chatting three wide on the trail. We finally got by everyone and took off at our own pace. The trail was wet and muddy in places but it definitely has been worse. We took it fairly easy, about 17 mph with a 8-10 mph headwind and chatted a bit. Nice to do that occasionally. We hit the turn around, tried to true up his wheel and headed back. It was a nice ride.
I did have a tag along for 80% of the ride. I didn't realize how gross it was until we got home.

That would be a worm tangled in my rear derailleur.

This is me after we rode back to our house. Mr KT told me to flex like a football player. I know, guns. =0)

One cool thing was that the Trek store in Omaha had the most riders in the United States two years in a row! Yay. Fun to be a part of that.

More soon.


TRI-ROB said...

I want big guns like your's... you gotta permit for those things? Geesh!

Jameson said...

Nice ride. Poor worm though. I'm surprised he hung on that long!
I agree w/ tri-rob. Those guns look dangerous. Watch where ya point those suckers.

blink140pnt6 said...

It's always nice to have a couple o worms or other bugs on your bike... just in case you need nutrition in the middle of nowhere.

Football playah huh... You could start for Nebraska right now. :)

Even in pink!

Tea said...

It's the pink that REALLY makes you look tough.

Tea said...

Oh and the worm slime is just nasty.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

eew! A worm in your derailleur? You are HARDCORE!

The pink armwarmers just prove my point.