Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nike Women's Half Marathon


I would like to announce that I have officially completed a half marathon. It was basically self supported, which is no big deal, but official.

Last weekend, I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon in my own neighborhood. This was a virtual race where you could register online and then use your iPod Nano and footpod and the Nike+ website to upload all the data. Saturday was the most beautiful day EVER, Sunday was 50ยบ and cloudy with 25-30 mph wind. I felt great for the entire run. I ate a piece of toast with PB and J and took off out the door. I did a 5 mile loop and then swung back by my house to pick up Kona-baby and grabbed a small muffin and some water. I did a 5 mile loop with Kona and then dropped her off and picked up Bricko. I grabbed a Nutri-Grain bar and a swig of Gatorade and headed out to do the last 3 miles. I was not having the Achilles tightness or foot pain from the last long run because I was periodically stretching those out, but I was having ITB tightness, especially in my left knee. I could not get that stretched out. By the last 1/2 mile I was hurting! I could not even jog, my knee was hurting so bad. I got to the end, heard my iPod tell me that my run was complete and went inside to find some ice. I filled up the bathtub with cold water and all the ice in the house. Can I just say.... BRRRRRRR! Yeow! It is making me shiver a week later.

I sat in the ice bath for 7 minutes and then quick showered off and got dressed for church. I headed out the door realized that my knee was killing me and I was starving. So, I went back inside, changed into comfortable clothes, made scrambled eggs with onions, and red, yellow, and green peppers and sat down on the couch. After eating, I went over to the corner gas station and bought another bag of ice. I took another ice bath and just hung out. I know, bad church-goer. Anywho, I finished in about 2 hrs 18 minutes. I counted the time it took me to switch out dogs and all that, so my pace was actually probably a little faster. Other than the knee, I felt really super good. This was a nice way to prove to myself that it is alright to eat during a run.

I don't have any pics but I will take a photo of my t-shirt when it gets here.



Jameson said...

Half marathon in 2:18 while dragging along two dogs? Even if you were hurting after, just the fact that you were even able to pull off 13 miles is a pretty good sign of recovery!

Nice job Katie!